Mukund Rangamani
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Mukund Rangamani

Mukund Rangamani

I am a theoretical physicist, specializing in areas of string theory, quantum field theory and quantum gravity.


My main area of research interest is in the field of String theory, especially its applications to Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Gravity.

Much of my work has focussed on using the AdS/CFT correspondence both to learn new lessons about quantum gravity and to model strongly interacting quantum field dynamics. My current interests include:

You can find more information about my current research interests in my Research pages.

More usefully, you can find my research papers using the INSPIRE HEP search engine: Publication List.

I am currently funded by the European Reasearch Council’s Consolidator Grant entitled “Symmetry Principles in Nature” (SPiN). Further information about the grant and projects involved can be found in the ERC: SPiN pages.


I have taught various courses at Durham over the last few years including:

In the past academic year (2013–14) I taught the following courses (follow the links for further information):

In the current academic year (2014–15) I will be teaching a graduate course.


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