Who is/were your advisor(s)

Student ID (e.g. 000321321)

All Single Honours Maths and all Natural Sciences, Combined Arts and Combined Social Sciences students who take Calculus & Probability I and Linear Algebra I (or at least 2 Maths modules beyond level 1) are appointed a member of staff as an advisor

Your advisor is the member of staff in the department of Mathematical Sciences to whom you should talk to about worries you might have (for instance concerning lectures, lecturers or tutors), or if you are seeking advice for particular optional modules you may want to take next year. You may want to ask your advisor for a job reference, and he/she will most probably be in a position to write one.

The same member of staff shall normally be your advisor (unless he/she leaves the department) for as long as you are a student in Mathematics (unless of course you wish to change advisor, in which case you must see Beverly Forster or Susan Bates). At the end of the year, your advisor can give you your exam marks (if you don't already have them) and have a chat with you, reflecting on the past year.

If your advisor is on research leave or absent due to illness, please feel free to come and see the Teaching Administrators, Beverly Forster or Susan Bates, in CM201, or one of the Course Directors (details below).

Level 1 Maths students: Dr Herbert Gangl, CM108

Level 2 Maths students: Prof Paul Sutcliffe, CM212a

Level 3/4 Maths students: Dr Peter Bowcock, CM307

Natural Sciences/Combined students: Dr Wilhelm Klingenberg, CM332

Other students: Dr Kasper Peeters, CM311

Director of Education: Dr Matthias Troffaes, CM212