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12/09/2017A. Taylor, 'Pyknotid knot identification toolkit', Software.Open in Website
07/09/2017D. Foster, 'The decay of Hopf solitons in the Skyrme model', Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 50, 405401.Open in Website
15/08/2017C. Brasnett, G. Longstaff, L. Compton and A. Seddon, 'Effects of Cations on the Behaviour of Lipid Cubic Phases', Scientific Reports 7, 8229.Open in Website
20/07/2017F. Maucher and P.M. Sutcliffe, 'Length of excitable knots', Physical Review E 96, 012218.Open in Website
05/07/2017F. Maucher, T. Pohl, W. Krolikowski and S. Skupin, 'Pattern formation in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with competing nonlocal nonlinearities', Optical Data Processing and Storage 3(1): 13-19.Open in Website
16/06/2017P.M. Sutcliffe, 'Skyrmion knots in frustrated magnets', Physical Review Letters 118, 247203.Open in Website
07/06/2017B. Bode, M.R. Dennis, D. Foster and Robert P. King, 'Knotted fields and explicit fibrations for lemniscate knots', Proceedings of the Royal Society A 473, 20160829.Open in Website
06/06/2017M.R. Dennis and B. Bode, 'Constructing a polynomial whose nodal set is the three-twist knot 52', Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Volume 50, 265204.Open in Website
26/04/2017A.J.H. Houston, M. Gradhand and M.R. Dennis, 'A random wave model for the AharonovBohm effect', Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Volume 50, 205101.Open in Website
20/04/2017M.A. Alonso and M.R. Dennis, 'Ray-optical Poincaré sphere for structured Gaussian beams', Optica Volume 4 Issue 4 pp. 476-486.Open in Website
29/03/2017P.M. Sutcliffe, 'Chiral ferromagnetic fluids: Let's twist again', Nature Materials 16, 392.Open in Website
13/02/2017K. Alexander, M.R. Dennis and A.J. Taylor, 'Proteins Analysed as Virtual Knots', Scientific Reports 7, 42300.Open in Website

20/01/2017C.A. Offiler, C.D. Jones and J.W. Steed, 'Metal "turn-off", anion "turn-on" gelation cascade in pyridinylmethyl ureas', Chem. Commun., 53, 20242027.Open in Website
09/01/2017M.R. Dennis and M.A. Alonso, 'Swings and roundabouts: Optical Poincaré spheres for polarization and Gaussian beams', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 375, 2087.Open in Website
29/12/2016H. Kedia, D. Foster, M.R. Dennis and W.T.M. Irvine, 'Weaving knotted vector fields with tunable helicity', Physical Review Letters 117, 274501.Open in Website
06/12/2016B.T. Beswick, S.A. Gardiner, I.G. Hughes, H.P.A.G. Astier and M.F. Andersen, 'ε-pseudoclassical model for quantum resonances in a cold dilute atomic gas periodically driven by finite-duration standing-wave laser pulses', Physical Review A 94, 063604.Open in Website
25/11/2016M.V. Berry and M.R. Dennis, 'Vortices, natural and deliberate', as part of longer article, H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop and A. Forbes, eds, 'Roadmap on structured light' Journal of Optics 19, 013001.Open in Website
16/09/2016Optical binding between knotted and chiral nanoparticles, S.H. Simpson and S. Hanna, Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation XIII: San Diego, California, United States. (Proceedings of SPIE; Vol. 9922)Open in Website
30/08/2016Knot Theory in Modern Chemistry, Kate Horner, Mark Miller, Jonathan Steed, Paul Sutcliffe, Chemical Society Reviews 45, 6432 (2016)Open in Website
29/07/2016Vortex knots in tangled quantum eigenfunctions, Mark Dennis and Alexander Taylor, Nature Communications 7, 12346 (2016)Open in Website
12/07/2016Study of knots in material culture, Lauren Scanlon, Journal of Knot Theory and Its RamificationsOpen in Website
29/06/2016Cavity-Containing Supramolecular Gels as a Crystallization Tool for Hydrophobic Pharmaceuticals, L. Kaufmann, S. R. Kennedy, C. D. Jones and J. W. Steed, Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 1011310116. (Front Cover).Open in Website
13/06/2016Excitation of knotted vortex lines in matter waves, Fabian Maucher, Simon Gardiner and Ifan Hughes, New Journal of Physics, Volume 18, June 2016Open in Website
Open as PDF
27/04/2016Untangling knots via reaction-diffusion dynamics of vortex strings, Fabian Maucher and Paul Sutcliffe, Physical Review Letters 116, 178101 (2016).Open in Website
Open as PDF
21/04/2016Self-Organisation of Light in Optical Media with Competing Nonlinearities, F. Maucher, T. Pohl, S. Skupin, and W. Krolikowski, Physical Review Letters 116, 163902 (2016).Open in Website
Open as PDF
30/10/2015Gelation by supramolecular dimerization of monoureas, A. E. Hooper, S. R. Kennedy, C. D. Jones and J. W. Steed, Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 198201.Open in Website
20/08/2015Knots in soft condensed matter, Ivan Coluzza, Sophie E Jackson, Cristian Micheletti and Mark A Miller, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Volume 27, Number 35Open in Website
18/08/2015Scattering of Nucleons in the Classical Skyrme Model, D. Foster and N.S. Manton, Nuclear Physics B, 899, 513-526 (2015)Open in Website
17/06/2015Scattering of Skyrmions, D. Foster and S. Krusch, Nuclear Physics B, 897, 697-716 (2015)Open in Website

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