Day Subject Led by
Mon 6th research presentations
Tue 7th prior-data conflict
Wed 8th sequential decisions
Thu 9th classification
Fri 10th open topics

The first day overlaps with the SIPTA summer school and will be a day of research presentations (by summerschool participants) aimed at a general audience.

Next, we intend to have a day for prior-data conflict, which naturally requires imprecise probability for a proper treatment, and raises interesting fundamental questions. The following day will be devoted to sequential decisions, including but not limited to philosophical issues which arise when looking at sequential problems with imprecision, and algorithmic approaches for solving them. The topic for one further day will be imprecise classification, where we will also invite practitioners with interesting classification problems with the idea to set out an agenda for future research.

The last day of the workshop is reserved for participants to present other work on open topics, with emphasis on challenging open questions and with ample time reserved for discussions.

The full programme will be made available in due course.


Time Speaker Title
9:30 Matthias Troffaes Introduction
9:40 Ignacio Montes Imprecise probabilities: a tool to generalize statistical preference
10:05 Francesco Cartella Reliable dynamic graphical models for machine degradation monitoring
10:20 Marion Wiebel Managing Uncertainty in Load-Carrying Systems in Mechanical Engineering
10:30 Break
11:00 Christelle Jacob Risk Analysis for Preventive Maintenance of Aircraft
11:15 Andrea Wiencierz Imprecise Data
11:35 Aurelien Gentils Interpolation of Imprecise Data
11:50 Wim Verhaeghe Random fields with interval correlation length
12:00 Gero Walter Software for Generalized iLuck Models
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Denis Maua Bucket Elimination in Credal Networks: Exact and Approximation Algorithms
14:25 Stefan Wirtz Model-Based Recognition of Domino Tiles and other Objects using TGraphs
14:45 Keivan Shariatmadar Dealing with uncertain constraints in optimisation using decision theory: application to finite element method
15:10 Nathan Huntley Sequential decision making
15:45 Brett Houlding Nonparametric Predictive Utility Inference
16:30 Closing
19:30 Summer school / workshop gala dinner (walk from Collingwood at 18:50)


Time Speaker Title
09:30 Gero Walter Prior-data conflict: a brief introduction
10:00 Erik Quaeghebeur Prior-data conflict: an assessment external to the inference model?
10:40 Break
11:10 Frank Coolen Conflict in Multiple Sources of Information
11:55 Marco Cattaneo Prior-data conflict in likelihood inference
12:30 Gert de Cooman Prior-data conflict as a special case of belief-belief conflict, and links to the AI concept of belief revision
13:15 Lunch
14:30 Discussions in small groups


Time Speaker Title
9:15 Nathan Huntley Introduction
9:45 Frank Coolen Heuristic Solution to the Secretary Problem
10:40 Break
11:10 Matthias Troffaes Solving Act-State Dependence
12:00 Nathan Huntley Extensive Form Methods
12:45 Lunch
14:30 Discussions in small groups


Time Speaker Title
9:30 Richard Crossman Introduction
9:45 Marco Cattaneo Naive Classifiers and Zero Counts
10:40 Break
11:10 Alessandro Antonucci and Cassio de Campos Credal Classification by Credal Networks
12:00 Richard Crossman Imprecise Classification Trees for Ordinal Data
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Discussions in small groups


Time Speaker Title
9:30 Marco Cattaneo Estimation of Imprecise Probabilities
9:50 Cassio de Campos Updating of Imprecise Probabilities
10:10 Allessandro Antonucci An Imprecise EM-Algorithm
10:30 Damjan Skulj Imprecise Markov Chains
10:50 Break
11:10 Erik Quaeghebeur Classification of Imprecise Markov Chains
11:30 Matthias Troffaes Exact Algorithms for Regular Extension
11:50 Frank Coolen NPI for Inventory Decisions
12:10 Gert de Cooman The one thing missing before we have a workable theory of imprecise stochastic processes
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Discussions in small groups

Confirmed Participants