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Andrew Lobb

Mathematical Sciences
Durham University
Science Labs
South Road
Phone: (UK) 0191-334-3055
Email: andrew dot lobb at without the misspelling
Interests: Low-dimensional topology.


Come and be part of a Leverhulme-funded big project on knottedness between Durham and Bristol Universities!

Current PhD Student (2012-): Jonathan Grant.
Incoming PhD Students (2014-): Will Rushworth, Lauren Scanlon (joint supervision with Jeremy Kendal), plus one to be recruited for a joint supervision with Paul Sutcliffe.

I am soon to be hiring a 2-year postdoc (starting January 2015) supported by EPSRC grant EP/M000389/1. Please get in touch if interested.
Ex-Postdoc: Lukas Lewark.

Current Grant: EPSRC EP/M000389/1, New homotopy-type invariants of knots (from January 2015).
Old Grant: EPSRC EP/K00591X/1, Knot homology: Theory and Computation.

Check out the current Topology Reading Group.
Pure Math Colloquium.
Geometry and Topology Seminar.
Here's a summer school on Low Dimensional Topology that I organized at Durham. It was funded by the LMS and EPSRC.