Jolanta Marzec

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I am a postdoctoral researcher at Durham University, working with Thanasis Bouganis. Previously I was a PhD student at the University of Bristol, supervised by Abhishek Saha.

Curriculum Vitae [pdf (includes all the talks I gave since 2008 and many extra-curricular activities I was involved in)

Research interests
I am a number theorist. I especially enjoy working on these problems which help me understand connections between different areas of Mathematics. At the moment I am mainly working within the area covered by grant "Arithmetic of automorphic forms and special L-values". This is a natural extension of my PhD studies on Siegel modular forms of degree 2 and their Bessel models.

I am also interested in coding theory and cryptography. So far it remains an amateur's hobby, but I'd like to connect it in the future with my professional interests - contact me if you are also interested in something like this!

Publications and preprints:

  • "L-functions attached to Siegel-Jacobi forms of higher index" (with T. Bouganis), in preparation.
  • "Maass relations for Saito-Kurokawa lifts of higher levels", in preparation.
  • "Non-vanishing of fundamental Fourier coefficients of paramodular forms". arXiv
  • PhD thesis "On Bessel models for GSp4 and Fourier coefficients of Siegel modular forms of degree 2".[pdf

    3-6.04.2017: "On standard L-function attached to Jacobi forms of higher index", British Mathematical Colloquium, Durham University.
    19.04.2017: "On standard L-function attached to Jacobi forms of higher index", Algebra and Number Theory seminar at University of Silesia.

    Teaching experience on a university level (tutor):
    2014/2015: Analysis 1, Calculus 1
    2013/2014: Analysis 1, Calculus 1
    2012/2013: Analysis 1, Number Theory and Group Theory, Further topics in Analysis

    I am also a friend of the Students' Mathematical Society of the University of Silesia, a member in the years 2007-2013.