I work on the representation theory of reductive groups over finite rings, such as quotients of rings of integers of local fields. I am interested in a generalisation of Deligne-Lusztig theory to this setting, as well as purely algebraic (non-cohomological) constructions of representations, and their relations to supercuspidal representations of p-adic groups. 

I also work on representation zeta functions of nilpotent and compact p-adic groups. In addition, I have done some work on group schemes over local rings, and commutators in matrix rings.

Andrea Vera Gajardo is working with me as a postdoc in Durham until 15 Dec 2016.

Together with Andrew Lobb I am organising the British Mathematical Colloquium 2017 in Durham.

A recent workshop I co-organised: "Interactions between algebra, coding theory and cryptography".


Up to date electronic versions of my published papers can be found at the Durham Research Online repository.

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  • Representations of reductive groups over finite rings and extended Deligne-Lusztig varieties, math.RT/0403487.

  • Representations of reductive groups over quotients of local rings, math.RT/0311243.