LMS Durham Symposium

Special Structures in
Differential Geometry

University of Durham
Monday 30th July to Thursday 9th August, 2001


Nigel Hitchin (Oxford), Simon Salamon (Turin), Andrew Swann (SDU, Odense)

Conference secretaries: Julia Foster and Rachel Duke

Funded by the EPSRC of Great Britain and the London Mathematical Society

A ten-day symposium to be organised around the following topics:

Special Holonomy
Hyperkähler and quaternion-Kähler metrics, exceptional and non-Riemannian holonomy, related twistor and moduli space theory, calibrated geometries.
Einstein Metrics
Large symmetry groups, low cohomogeneity, Kähler-Einstein metrics, negative scalar curvature, use of spinors and the Dirac operator, Sasakian and Einstein-Weyl geometry, comparison theorems and Ricci curvature.
Related Mathematical Physics
Moduli spaces of BPS monopoles, branes and geometries with torsion, special Kähler structures, Calabi-Yau manifolds.

Speakers to include: Christian Bär (Hamburg), Tobias Colding (Courant), Claude LeBrun (Stony Brook), Gang Tian (MIT), Chris Pope (Texas A&M), Philip Candelas (Oxford), Gary Gibbons (DAMTP, Cambridge), Bobby Acharya (Rutgers), Paul Tod (Oxford), Richard Ward (Durham), Vestislav Apostolov (Montréal), Paolo de Bartolomeis (Firenze), Roger Bielawski (Glasgow), Olivier Biquard (Strasbourg), Christoph Böhm (Kiel), Charles Boyer (New Mexico), David Calderbank (Edinburgh), Vicente Cortés (Bonn), Krzysztof Galicki (New Mexico), Oscar García Prada (Madrid), Zhuang-dan Guan (UCR), Paul Gauduchon (Paris), Stefan Ivanov (Sofia), Sergei Merkulov (Glasgow), Mario Micallef (Warwick), Henrik Pedersen (SDU, Odense), Yat Sun Poon (Riverside), Lorenz Schwachhöfer (Brussels), Uwe Semmelmann (Munich), McKenzie Wang (McMaster)...


Participation is by invitation only.

Accommodation will be provided at Grey College: arrival on Monday, 30th July, in time for dinner at 19:00; departure on Thursday, 9th August after breakfast. A map of Durham shows the railway station (timetables and how to get to Durham), the Mathematics Department and Grey College.

A limited amount of accommodation is available for accompanying persons. Please book this no later than 20th May.

There is car parking space at Grey College, but only in special circumstances might you be able to park your car at the University Science Site, where the lectures will take place. This is less than 10 minutes walk from Grey College. If you feel that you have to park your car on the Science Site please ask about this at least six weeks before the start of the symposium.

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