London Mathematical Society Sponsored Workshop on


New Developments and Applications in Rapid Fluid Flows

Grey College, Durham University, Durham, U.K.
14th - 18th July 2003.

Organised by Jitesh Gajjar , Frank Smith & Philip Hall

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The period covering the last 20-25 years was arguably one of the most fruitful and productive in fluid mechanics research particularly in the area of  rapid fluid flows, laminar separation, and hydrodynamic stability and transition to turbulence theory.  Many seminal contributions were made during this period including a rational description of the structure of the flow near the trailing edge of a flat plate, self-induced separation in internal and external flows, breakaway separation in the flow past bluff bodies, a coherent mathematical description of boundary layer stability and so on.
This LMS-Durham workshop will provide a timely opportunity to collect together active researchers working in the area of rapid fluid flows and critically review past and present work, as well as focussing attention on some of the emerging research areas which can be tackled using advanced asymptotic and computational techniques.

The meeting will focus on five main themes.


The meeting will be held at Grey College , Durham University in the historic city of Durham with the world  famous castle and cathedral.  Durham is conveniently located with excellent railway  and road links to  other parts of England and Scotland.

For further information contact
Dr. J.S.B. Gajjar

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