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London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
L-functions and Galois representations
Monday 19th July - Friday 30th July 2004


(A)Local Langlands programme
(B)Local p-adic Galois representations
(C)Modularity of Galois representations
(D)Automorphic forms and Selmer groups
(E)p-adic modular forms and eigenvarieties
(F)André-Oort conjecture


All lectures take place in room CG93 (the Scarborough lecture theatre). Coffee and Tea are served in CM105. Meals are taken at Grey College.
Monday 19th July
14:00Registration in Hollingside JCR - closes at Dinner
Tuesday 20th July
09:45-10:45K. RubinSelmer modules and skew-Hermitian matrices
11:15-12:15F. DiamondC1: Introduction: The Taylor-Wiles method
12:45Lunch - Grey College
14:30-15:30S. KudlaA1: Complex representations of GL(2,R)
16:00-17:00A. GoncharovMotivic fundamental group of Gm - mN and geometry of modular varieties
17:15-18:15J. TilouineC2: Taylor-Wiles systems for GSp(4)
20:00Wine Reception (after dinner)
Wednesday 21st July
09:45-10:45W. NiziolA proof of the Semistable conjecture
11:15-12:15G. HenniartA2: Complex representations of GL(2) over a non-Archimedean local field
12:45Lunch - Grey College
13:50Conference Photograph
14:30-15:30P. SchneiderIs there a Gersten conjecture for Iwasawa algebras?
16:00-17:00E. UrbanD1: p-adic deformation of some reducible Galois representations
17:15-18:15M-F. VignerasModular representations of GL(2) over a non-Archimedean
Thursday 22nd July
09:45-10:45C. BreuilA4: p-adic representations of GL(2,Qp) and modular forms
11:15-12:15M. EmertonE1: Locally analytic representation theory and the p-adic interpolation of automorphic forms and L-functions I
12:45Lunch - Grey College
14:30-15:30D. UlmerGeometric non-vanishing
16:00-17:00A. MézardA5: Reduction modulo p of p-adic representations of GL(2,Qp)
17:15-18:15M. BertoliniHida families and the arithmetic of elliptic curves
Friday 23rd July
09:45-10:45O. VenjakobThe GL(2) main conjecture for elliptic curves without complex multiplication
11:15-12:15M. EmertonE2: Locally analytic representation theory and the p-adic interpolation of automorphic forms and L-functions II
12:45Lunch - Grey College
14:30Cathedral visit
Saturday 24th July
09:45-10:45F. DiamondWeights of mod p Hilbert modular forms
11:15-12:15L. BergerB1: p-adic differential equations and filtered (f,N)-modules
12:45Lunch - Grey College
14:30-15:30A. YafaevF1: The André-Oort conjecture I
16:00-17:00P. ColmezA6: Local p-adic Langlands correspondence for 2-dimensional semi-stable representations
17:15-18:15L. ClozelF2: The André-Oort conjecture II
Sunday 25th July
09:00Day trip to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby
Monday 26th July
09:45-10:45K. BuzzardE3: An eigenvariety machine
11:15-12:15I. FesenkoThe boundary term in the zeta integral of an elliptic surface
12:45Lunch - Grey College
14:30-15:30M. KisinC3: Moduli of finite flat group schemes and modularity
16:00-17:00M. KuriharaSome aspects of Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves with supersingular reduction
17:15-18:15J. BellaicheD2: Geometry of eigenvarieties at reducible anti-ordinary points and rank of Selmer groups
Tuesday 27th July
09:45-10:45C. KhareC4: New proofs of modularity lifting theorems
11:15-12:15C. CornutEquidistribution of CM points on Shimura curves
12:45Lunch - Grey College
14:30-15:30P. ColmezB2: A strange skew field
16:00-17:00H. HidaD3: Some cases of the anti-cyclotomic main conjecture for general CM fields
17:15-18:15M. SpiessOn certain twists of Stuhler's modular varieties
Wednesday 28th July
09:45-10:45S.-W. ZhangThe Euler system of CM-points on Shimura curves
11:15-12:15J.-M. FontaineB3: de Rham and semi-stable p-adic representations
12:45Lunch - Grey College
14:30-15:30S. KudlaOn the nonvanishing of the arithmetic theta lift
16:00-17:00K. FujiwaraC5: R=T and the geometry of Shimura varieties
17:15-18:15F. CalegariE4: The topography of the eigencurve
19:00Drinks in Grey JCR followed by the Conference dinner at 19:30
Thursday 29th July
09:45-10:45B. HowardThe Iwasawa theoretic Gross-Zagier theorem
11:15-12:15J. NekovářParity of ranks of Selmer groups associated to Hilbert modular forms
12:45Lunch - Grey College
14:30-15:30D. BurnsCongruences between derivatives of motivic L-functions
16:00-17:00E. UrbanE5: Eigenvarieties and twisted eigenvarieties
17:15-18:15T. SaitoThe Euler-Poincaré characteristic of an l-adic sheaf on a variety
Friday 30th July
Departure after breakfast