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Topological Solitons and their Applications
Monday 2nd August - Thursday 12th August 2004

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MF AtiyahSolitons and Topology wmv
R BattyeSolitons in multi-component Bose-Einstein Condensateswmv wmv
R BielawskiCluster decomposition of monopoles and the asymptotic metrics wmv wmv
MM Bogdan wmv
P. BowcockSoliton, Defects and Gates wmv
PL ChristiansenEnergy funelling and bubble generation in a bent and twisted DNA model wmv
R Dandoloff"Interaction" of solitons and support manifolds wmv
JC EilbeckBreathers on quantum latticeswmv wmv wmv
A EremkoSolitons in alpha-helical proteinswmv wmv wmv
LA FerreiraEuclidean 4d exact solitons in a Skyrme type modelwmv wmv
AT FilippovIntegrable models of black holes and cosmologies. wmv
S FlachBroken space-time symmetries induced by ac fields: from particle to soliton ratchetswmv wmv
N GrahamBreathers, Q-balls, and Oscillons in Quantum Field Theory wmv wmv
RAW GregoryA long time ago on a brane far, far away ... wmv
M HindmarshDynamical scaling in topological defect networkswmv wmv
J HietarintaRibbon knots in the Faddeev-Skyrme model wmv wmv
T IoannidouSkyrmions and Harmonic Mapswmv wmv wmv
R JackiwA 100% Cotton Kink in a Funny Placewmv wmv wmv
M KarlinerSpontaneous breaking of rotational symmetry in many-body and QFT solitons.wmv wmv
AS KovalevMagnetic topological excitations in nanodots and simple models wmv
S KomineasSolitary waves and vortex rings in a cylindrical Bose-Einstein condensatewmv wmv
VB KopeliovichExotic baryons and multibaryons in topological soliton models wmv
AM Kosevich Analogues of dark solitons and Lieb states in a 1D discrete chain wmv
G LavrelashviliNon-Abelian gravitational solitons wmv wmv
NS MantonThe Kähler potential for Abelian Higgs vortices wmv wmv
FG MertensEffects of ac magnetic fields on the vortex dynamics in 2D magnets wmv
S MingaleevNonlinear photonic crystals: a new type of soliton-bearing systemswmv wmv
F MusumeciRelation between delayed luminescence and structures of simple biological systemswmv wmv
N PapanicolaouCommensurate and incommensurate magnetism in layered antiferromagnets wmv
M QuandtCenter Vortices in Yang-Mills Theorywmv wmv
AK RajantieQuantum solitons and dualities on latticewmv wmv
B SchroersElectric-magnetic symmetry and confinement in discrete gauge theories wmv
D. SmithBranes in String Theory wmv
N. ProukakisDynamics of Dark Solitons in the Atomic Boson Field of Condenses wmv wmv wmv
JM SpeightAlgebraic topology of the Skyrme configuration space wmv
PM SutcliffeSkyrmions and the pion masswmv wmv
N TheodorakopoulosDiscrete topological solitons and one-dimensional thermodynamic instabilities: application to DNA melting and unzipping wmv wmv
J TuszynskiThe role of nonlinearities in the biophysical properties and biological function of key subcellular components wmv
N R WaletNonlinear dynamics of electrons in chiral moleculeswmv wmv wmv
K. ZakrzewskaBreathing is not Enoughwmv wmv
Y ZolotaryukMobility of topological solitons in the discrete nonlinear Klein-Gordon modelswmv wmv
Discussion -particle wmv
Discussion - bio wmv
Discussion general wmv
Discussion - bio wmv
Discussion particle-cosmo wmv
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