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London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Dynamical Systems and Statistical Mechanics
Monday 3rd July - Thursday 13th July 2006


All lectures take place in room CG93 (the Scarborough lecture theatre) in the Department of Mathematical Sciences on the Science Site. Coffee and Tea are served in CM105. Meals are taken at Grey College.

Monday 3rd July
14:00Registration in Holgate House - closes at Dinner
Tuesday 4th July
Chair: C. Beck
09:00-09:45Y. PesinThermodynamics of systems admitting Young's tower
09:50-10:20H. BruinEquilibrium states and Young tower constructions in one-dimensional dynamics
10:50-11:20H. van BeijerenChaos and the physics of non-equilibrium systems
11:25-11:55P. GaspardPollicott-Ruelle resonances, fractals, and nonequilibrium modes of relaxation
12:00-12:30J. ElginPointwise dimensions of the Lorenz attractor
13:00Lunch - Grey College
14:00Conference Photograph after lunch
Chair: M. Field
16:00-16:45G. GallavottiChaotic hypothesis and some consequences
16:50-17:20K. KhaninCircle dynamics and rigidity
17:25-17:55P. KlebanThe Farey fraction spin chain
18:00-18:30T. PrellbergThe Farey fraction spin chain: Effects of an external field
19:30Wine Reception (after dinner) in the JCR, Grey College
20:00World Cup: Semi Final
Wednesday 5th July
Chair: C. Dettmann
09:00-09:45R.S. MacKayFrom Hamiltonian slow-fast systems to Langevin equations
09:50-10:20M. Tyran-KaminskaStatistical limit theorems for non-invertible transformations
10:50-11:20A. StuartDerivation of homogenized coefficients from multiscale data
11:25-11:55S. van StrienOn the Palis conjecture
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chair: S. Ruffo
16:00-16:45P.V.E. McClintockExperiments on large fluctuations and optimal control
16:50-17:20A. RapisardaAnomalous dynamics and long range interactions
17:25-17:55A. PluchinoThe role of synchronization for detecting community structures in complex networks
20:00World Cup: Semi Final
Thursday 6th July
Chair: M. Pollicott
09:00-09:45F. TakensKAM theory in the presence of monodromy
09:50-10:20C. BaesensDiscommensuration theory and shadowing in Frenkel-Kontorova models
10:50-11:20M. FieldSymmetry and dynamics
11:25-11:55P. AshwinDynamical systems with nonergodic properties
12:00-12:30F. VivaldiRegular and anomalous transport from space discretization
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chair: E.G.D. Cohen
16:00-16:45C. TsallisNonextensive statistical mechanics and its nonlinear dynamical foundations
16:50-17:20S. AbeThermodynamics based on time average and temporal extensivity of entropy
17:25-17:55A. RobledoThe foundations of q-statistics for the transitions to chaos
18:00-18:30S. UmarovLimit theorems in nonextensive statistical mechanics
20:00Poster session with cheese and wine in the JCR, Grey College
and short presentations by T. Jordan, R. Khomeriki and V. Naudot
Friday 7th July
Chair: H. van Beijeren
09:00-09:45E.G.D. CohenStationary states and fluctuations
09:50-10:20L. RondoniHypotheses for fluctuation relations in nonequilibrium systems
10:50-11:20D.J. EvansThe fluctuation & nonequilibrium free energy theorems, theory & experiment
11:25-11:55D. J. SearlesFluctuation relations for systems far from equilibrium.
12:00-12:30T. TaniguchiOnsager-Machlup theory for nonequilibrium steady states and fluctuation theorems
13:00Lunch - Grey College
14:30Cathedral visit (confirm your participation at registration)
Chair: F. Takens
16:50-17:20R. SharpDirections and equidistribution in homology for Anosov flows
17:25-17:55H.H. Rugh Cones and gauges in complex spaces: Detecting spectral gaps.
18:00-18:30D. MayerThe transfer operator approach to quantum chaos on modular surfaces
Saturday 8th July
Chair: H.H. Rugh
09:00-09:45L. BunimovichEscape from a circle and Riemann hypotheses
09:50-10:20C. DettmannEscape rates and correlation functions
10:50-11:20T. MonteiroChaotic diffusion and cold atoms
11:25-11:55R. SchubertUniversality in wave propagation for large times
12:00-12:30Y. Fyodorov Counting stationary points of random landscapes as a random matrix problem
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chair: G. Morriss
16:00-16:45G. KellerAbsence and existence of phase transitions in piecewise expanding coupled map lattices
16:50-17:20C. BeckStatistical mechanics of nonhyperbolic coupled map lattices
17:25-17:55H. ChatéLow-dimensional chaos in populations of strongly-coupled noisy nonlinear maps
18:00-18:30W. JustOn critical behaviour of coupled map lattices
20:00World Cup: Third place play off
Sunday 9th July
09:00Day trip to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby (confirm your participation at registration)
19:00World Cup: Final
Monday 10th July
Chair: L. Bunimovich
09:00-09:45D. SzászThe Lorentz process and random walks
09:50-10:20D. P. SandersOccurrence of normal and anomalous diffusion in polygonal billiard channels
10:50-11:20I. MelbourneAlmost sure planar diffusive behaviour in the planar periodic Lorentz gas
11:25-11:55M. CourbageComputation of entropy increase for Lorentz gas and hard disks
12:00-12:30R. StreaterEntropy production in a quantum Kac model
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chair: S. Abe
16:00-16:45S. RuffoSurvey of the statistical and dynamical properties of systems with long-range interactions
16:50-17:20H. TouchetteNonconcave entropies from generalized canonical ensembles
17:25-17:55M. KastnerPhase transitions and configuration space topology
18:00-18:30E. VerbitskiyThermodynamics of hidden Gibbs states
Tuesday 11th July
Chair: D. Szász
09:00-09:45G. MorrissLyapunov vectors and modes
09:50-10:20R. KlagesAnomalous diffusion in intermittent maps
10:50-11:20Y. SuhovHausdorff dimension of the limiting set of a hyperbolic branching diffusion
11:25-11:55M. HollandLimit theorems and rapid mixing for Lorenz attractors
12:00-12:30C. WalkdenSome uniform ergodic theorems
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chair: G. Keller
16:00-16:45H. Posch Phase-space instability for particle systems in equilibrium and stationary nonequilibrium states
16:50-17:20P. GlendinningSensitive dependence and strange nonchaotic attractors
17:25-17:55O. JenkinsonHow "spread out" are invariant measures?
18:00-18:30O.F. BandtlowExplicit bounds for the correlation specrum of real analytic expanding maps
19:00Drinks in Grey JCR followed by the Conference Dinner
Wednesday 12th July
Chair: H. Posch
09:00-09:45P. CvitanovicExact recurrent structures in shear flow turbulence
09:50-10:20R.L. DavidchackLocating periodic orbits in high-dimensional systems by stabilising transformations
10:50-11:20D. BroomheadIterated function systems and randomly forced PDEs
11:25-11:55N. SidorovIterated function systems with overlaps in higher dimensions
12:00-12:30R. SturmanThe linked twist map approach to fluid mixing
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chair: R. Schubert
16:00-16:30G. TannerQuantum scaling laws in two electron atom - the role of the classical triple collision singularity
16:35-17:05P. QuaratiUse of non-Maxwellian distributions in atomic and nuclear processes of astrophysical interest
17:10-17:40H. WaalkensTheory of classical and quantum reaction dynamics in multidimensional systems
Thursday 13th July
Departure after breakfast