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London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Mathematical Aspects of Graphical Models
Monday 30th June - Thursday 10th July 2008


All lectures take place in room CG93 (the Scarborough lecture theatre) in the Department of Mathematical Sciences on the Science Site. Coffee and Tea are served in CM103. Meals are taken at Grey College.

Monday 30th June
14:00Registration in Holgate House - closes at Dinner
Tuesday 1st July
Chair: A.P. Dawid
09:30-10:20M. StudenyOn Bayesian criteria for learning Bayesian network structure
10:30Coffee/Tea and laptop support
11:15-12:05M. DrtonGraphical methods for efficient likelihood inference in Gaussian covariance models
15:30Coffee/Tea and laptop support
Chair: J. Whittaker
16:00-16:30R.G. CowellA pot-pourri of Bayesian network learning methods
16:40-17:10R. SilvaFactorial mixture of Gaussians and the marginal independence model
17:20-17:50Y.W. TehCollapsed variational inference for infinite state Bayesian networks
17:55-18:25M. WainwrightMarginal polytopes of graphical models: Linear programs, max-product, and variational relaxation
20:00Wine Reception (after dinner) in the JCR, Grey College
Wednesday 2nd July
Chair: S.L. Lauritzen
09:30-10:20A.P. DawidUsing influence diagrams for causal inference
10:30Coffee/Tea and laptop support
11:15-12:05V. DidelezG-Formula, Inverse Probability of Treatment Weighting and Optimal Sequential Treatments
Chair: R.G. Cowell
16:00-16:30P. VicardModel based and model assisted estimators using probabilistic expert systems
16:40-17:10J. WhittakerBootstrapping divergence weighted independence graphs for design based survey analysis
17:20-17:50J. MorteraSensitivity of inference in Bayesian networks to assumptions about founders
Thursday 3rd July
Chair: A. Roverato
09:30-10:20N. WermuthProbability distributions with summary graph structure
11:15-12:05H. MassamFlexible Wisharts disctributions and their applications
14:00Conference Photograph after lunch outside Grey College main entrance
15:30Durham Cathedral Tour (confirm your participation at registration)
Friday 4th July
Chair: G. Pistone
09:30-10:20S. SullivantAlgebraic aspects of Gaussian graphical models
11:15Poster pre-presentations
F. BarthelPredicting survival using gene expression data and graphical models
C. BlundellLearning Causal Bayesian Networks via Time Orderings
L. MalagòProbabilistic Graphical Models in Evolutionary Computation: from Estimation of Distribution Algorithms to the Combination of Population-Based and Model-Based Search
S. MassaCombining statistical models
F. MatusThe worst data for hierarchical log-linear models
A. MazumderValue of Evidence Analysis Using Probabilistic Expert Systems - applications in planning for forensic DNA identification
H. NeufeldGraphical Gaussian Models with Symmetries
K. PanayidouTree Learning and Variable Selection
R. RamsahaiSignificance Test for Instrumental Model
C. UhlerDetecting Interacting SNPs in Disease Association Studies Using MCMC on Multidimensional Contingency Tables
O. ZukThe sample complexity of learning Bayesian Networks
Chair: M. Studeny
16:00-16:30H.P. WynnJunction tubes for Bayes nets and related algebra
16:40-17:10G. PistoneInformation geometry of graphical models
20:00Poster session with cheese and wine in the JCR, Grey College.
Saturday 5th July
Chair: J. Mortera
09:30-10:20J. BesagSome statistical applications of constrained Monte Carlo
Continuum limits of Gaussian Markov fields resolving the conflicts with geostatistics
Chair: H. Massam
16:00-16:30S-H. KimMarkovian combination of decomposable model structures: MCMoSt
16:40-17:10G. LetacThe tiling of a junction tree by the minimal separators and its application to Wishart laws on non homogeneous decomposable graphs
17:20-17:50D. BarberGraph decomposition for community identification and covariance constraints
Sunday 6th July
09:00Day trip to Alnwick, Holy Island and Bamburgh Castle (confirm your participation at registration)
Monday 7th July
Chair: V. Didelez
09:30-10:20M. EichlerLearning causal structures in multivariate time series
11:15-11:45J.J. ForsterBayesian (conditionally) conjugate inference for discrete data models
Chair: F. Matus
16:00-16:30J.Q. SmithLarge sample robustness Bayes nets with incomplete information
16:40-17:10D. MaloucheGaussian covariance decomposition for PC-algorithm
17:20-17:50J. CussensBayesian network learning by compiling to weighted MAX-SAT
Tuesday 8th July
Chair: N. Wermuth
09:30-10:20A. RoveratoThe non-rejection rate for structural learning of gene transcription networks from E.coli microarray data
11:15-12:05A. DobraBayesian structural learning and estimation in Gaussian graphical models and hierarchical log-linear models
Chair: J.Q. Smith
16:00-16:30F. MatusOn minimization of entropy functionals under moment constraints
16:40-17:10S. HojsgaardRCOX models: Graphical Gaussian models with edge and vertex symmetries
17:20-17:50S.L. LauritzenIssues of existence of maximum likelihood estimators in Gaussian graphical models
19:00Drinks in Grey JCR followed by the Conference Dinner
Wednesday 9th July
Chair: J. Besag
11:15-12:05D.R. CoxDerived variables and graphical models
Chair: A.P. Dawid
16:00-16:30M. GoldsteinBayes linear graphical models and computer simulators for complex physical systems
16:40-17:10D.A. WooffBayes linear revision for plates
17:20-17:50S.C. ShawGeneralised Bayesian graphical modelling utilising Bayes linear kinematics
Thursday 10th July
Departure after breakfast