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London Mathematical Society - EPSRC Durham Symposium
Mathematics of Data Assimilation
Monday 1st August - Thursday 11th August 2011


Data assimilation (DA) is a technique for combining mathematical models of physical systems with measurements of those systems in order to estimate either the state of the systems or the parameters in the models. Such techniques have been used extensively in weather and climate prediction, and are now being used in a wide variety of applications, including geological exploration (especially oil reservoir modelling), river/tide flow modelling, traffic flow modelling and monitoring air quality. The mathematics underpinning these techniques includes nonlinear partial differential equations, stochastic processes, statistical mechanics, control theory, statistical estimation theory, optimization, and numerical analysis. Nearly 50 years ago Kalman published his seminal work on linear filtering and such techniques have played a major role in environmental modelling. However, the need to represent nonlinear, non-Gaussian processes in high-resolution models presents major challenges, and under Topics we highlight the key issues that will form the basis of the Symposium.

List of Participants

Professor Henry AbarbanelScripps/UCSDhabarbanel@ucsd.edu
Dr Philip AstonSurreyp.aston@surrey.ac.uk
Dr Ross BannisterReadingr.n.bannister@reading.ac.uk
Dr Marc BocquetEcole des Ponts ParisTech/CEREAbocquet@cerea.enpc.fr
Dr. Mark BuehnerECmark.buehner@ec.gc.ca
Professor Dr Angelika Bunse-GerstnerUniversitaet BremenBunse-Gerstner@math.uni-bremen.de
Dr Daniela CalvettiCase Western Reserve Universitydaniela.calvetti@case.edu
Mrs Anna ChuterUniversity of Surreya.chuter@surrey.ac.uk
Dr Dan CornfordAston Universityd.cornford@aston.ac.uk
Dr Colin CotterImperial College Londoncolin.cotter@imperial.ac.uk
Dr Mike CullenMet Officemike.cullen@metoffice.gov.uk
Dr Sylvain DelahaiesSurreys.b.delahaies@surrey.ac.uk
Dr Gerald DesroziersMeteo-Francegerald.desroziers@meteo.fr
Dr Hailiang DuLSEH.L.Du@lse.ac.uk
Mr David FairbairnUniversity of Surreydavid.fairbairn@metoffice.gov.uk
Dr Chris FarmerOxfordChris.Farmer@maths.ox.ac.uk
Dr Mike FisherECMWFmike.fisher@ecmwf.int
Dr Alison FowlerReadinga.m.fowler@reading.ac.uk
Professor Michael GhilENS, Paris, & UCLAghil@atmos.ucla.edu
Dr Georg GottwaldThe University of Sydneygottwald@maths.usyd.edu.au
Dr John HarlimNorth Carolina State Universityjharlim@ncsu.edu
Professor Kayo IdeMarylandide@umd.edu
Professor Richard KleemanCourantkleeman@cims.nyu.edu
Dr Frank KwasniokUniversity of ExeterF.Kwasniok@exeter.ac.uk
Dr Amos LawlessReadingA.S.Lawless@reading.ac.uk
Professor Juan LopezInstituto de Fisica de Cantabria. CSIC-UClopez@ifca.unican.es
Professor Andrew LorencMet Officeandrew.lorenc@metoffice.gov.uk
Professor Andrew MajdaNew York Universityjonjon@cims.nyu.edu
Professor Dennis McLaughlinMITdennism@mit.edu
Dr Stefano MiglioriniUniversity of Readings.migliorini@reading.ac.uk
Mr Alex MoodeyReadinga.j.f.moodey@pgr.reading.ac.uk
Dr Keith NganMet Officekeith.ngan@metoffice.gov.uk
Dr Geoff NichollsOxfordnicholls@stats.ox.ac.uk
Professor Nancy NicholsReadingN.K.Nichols@reading.ac.uk
Dr John NorburyOxfordjohn.norbury@lincoln.ox.ac.uk
Professor Manfred OpperTU Berlinmanfred.opper@tu-berlin.de
Miss Joanne PocockReadingj.a.pocock@pgr.reading.ac.uk
Dr Robert James PurserIMSG,jim.purser@noaa.gov
Professor Ian RoulstoneUniversity of Surreyi.roulstone@surrey.ac.uk
Dr Seoleun ShinUniversity of Potsdamseshin@uni-potsdam.de
Professor Victor ShutyaevInstitute of Numerical Mathematics, Russian Academy of Science, Moscowshutyaev@inm.ras.ru
Dr Anne SkeldonSurreya.skeldon@surrey.ac.uk
Professor Erkki SomersaloCase Western Reserve Universityejs49@case.edu
Professor Andrew StuartWarwickA.M.Stuart@warwick.ac.uk
Dr Olivier TalagrandLMDtalagrand@lmd.ens.fr
Dr Ricardo TodlingNASAricardo.todling@nasa.gov
Professor Hien TranNorth Carolina State Universitytran@math.ncsu.edu
Professor Peter Jan van LeeuwenReadingp.j.vanleeuwen@reading.ac.uk
Professor Darren WilkinsonNewcastle Universityd.j.wilkinson@ncl.ac.uk
Dr Djoko WirosoetisnoDurham Universitydjoko.wirosoetisno@durham.ac.uk
Dr Rafal WojcikMITrwojcik@mit.edu
Organising Committee:
Ian Roulstone (University of Surrey), Peter-Jan Leeuwen (University of Reading), Nancy Nichols (University of Reading)