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EPSRC - London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Grand Biological Challenges for Mathematicians
2012-07-09 to 2012-07-17
Introduction to GBCM 2012 pdf
Ball Identifiability of Aggregated Markov Models of Single Ion Channels pdf pdf
Bruinsma Packaging yourself for success: RNA-directed Viral Assembly pdf pdf pdf
Brunner Exploring the generation and coordination of forces driving morphogenesis pdf pdf pdf
Burroughs Assessing mechanistic hypotheses by statistical integration of spatial imaging data and complex models pdf pdf
Chaplain Multiscale mathematical modelling of cancer growth and spread pdf pdf
Cowan Mathematical studies of networks of excitatory and inhibitory neurons pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
Fahrni Biological imaging of trace metals: A guided tour
Geitmann Modeling plant cell morphogenesis pdf pdf
Giedroc Structural Mechanisms of Bacterial Transition Metal Homeostasis
Glazier Multi-Scale, Multi-Cell Modeling of Development, Homeostasis and Developmental Diseases pdf pdf
Grant Molecular Computers in the Brain
Hales Ion conduction in Cys-loop receptors: beyond TM2 pdf pdf
Hawkes Markov and semi-Markov processes describe the dynamics of biological ion channels pdf pdf pdf
Johnson Dynamics and Stability in Virus Maturation pdf pdf pdf pdf
Knobler In Vitro Studies of the Assembly of ssRNA Viruses and Virus-Like Particles pdf pdf pdf
Krug Integrating signals for perceptual decision pdf
Lape How complex is the nicotinic receptor activation mechanism? pdf pdf
Mackintosh Active stresses and self-organization in cytoskeletal networks pdf pdf pdf
May Morphology of Virus Capsids: From Elastic Properties to Maturation Mechanisms pdf pdf pdf
Nelson Keeping the physics in biophysics pdf pdf
Nelson Adaptation in mammalian retina studied via multielectrode array recordings pdf pdf
O'Halloran DNA bending and unwinding in transcription and nucleosome binding pdf
O'Halloran Fluxes in Cellular Metal Quotas and Control of Mammalian Development
Painter Models for movement and pattern formation pdf pdf
Parker Structures and signals in the visual cortex pdf pdf
Peyrard Physics of DNA: experimental observations which raise modelling questions pdf pdf
Peyrieras Cell dynamics in animal morphogenesis pdf pdf
Poggio Visual cortex: a sketch of a mathematical theory of visual cortex pdf pdf pdf
Quinlan Tying together cell geometry with tissue shape and function
Robinson Metals in Cells: Introduction to metallo-proteins, cellular [metal], metallo-chaperones and sensors pdf pdf pdf
Serre Bottom-up and top-down processes in visual perception
Steven Alternative Nucleation Complexes and Polymorphic Assembly Products pdf pdf pdf pdf
Stockley Understanding self-assembling viral machines: A joint challenge for biology, physics and mathematics pdf pdf
van Rossum Synaptic plasticity rules: biophysics, information and disease