EPSRC - London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Geometric and Cohomological Group Theory
2013-08-12 to 2013-08-22

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AkhmedovOn non-amenability of R.Thompson's group Fpdf
BleakIn and about R. Thompson's group Vpdf
BowditchCoarse median spaces
BridsonActions of arithmetic groups, Out(F) and mapping class groups on contractible spacespdf
BuxAssociated geometries and finiteness properties
BuxThe cohomology ring of $F$
BuxThompson's groups and their relatives
DavisAspherical manifolds that can't be triangulatedpdfpdf
EmmanouilGroups of homological dimension onepdf
FarleyRelatives of Thompson's group Vpdf
GeogheganThe limit set of a G-module controlled over a G-CAT(0) spacepdf
KassabovGroups of oscillating intermediate growthpdf
KochloukovaSigma invariants of the Thompson group F and its generalised versionspdf
KochloukovaVirtual rational first Betti number in soluble groupspdf
KochloukovaVolume gradients and homology in towers of residually-free groupspdf
LodhaA geometric solution to the von Neumann-Day problem for finitely presented groupspdf
Martinez-PerezThe proper geometric dimension of the mapping class grouppdf
McCammondEuclidean Artin groups Ipdfpdf
McCammondEuclidean Artin groups IIpdfpdfpdf
MooreA Ramsey theoretic approach to the amenability problem for Thompson's grouppdf
MooreA Ramsey theoretic approach to the amenability problem for Thompson's grouppdf
NekrashevychGroups associated with dynamical systems generalizing Higman-Thompson groupspdfpdf
PetrosyanBredon finiteness properties of groups acting on CAT(0)-spacespdfpdf
PrzytyckiDismantlability and realisation II: applications to geometric topologypdf
PrzytyckiDismantlability and realisation I: introductionpdf
PrzytyckiSpecial cube complexes III: cubical small cancellationpdf
PrzytyckiSpecial cube complexes II: malnormal amalgamationpdf
PrzytyckiSpecial cube complexes I: Introductionpdf
ReichThe Farrell-Jones Conjectures Ipdf
ReichThe Farrell-Jones Conjectures IIpdf
ReichThe Farrell-Jones Conjectures IIIpdf
Roney-DougalPractical generalisations of small cancellationpdfpdf
SapirAlgorithmically complex residually finite groupspdf
VogtmannHairy graphs and dihedral homologypdf
WegnerThe Farrell-Jones conjecture for solvable groupspdf
WilsonSubgroups of finite index in branch groupspdf
WiltonThe profinite triviality problempdf
WitzelClassifying spaces for families of subgroups and their finiteness propertiespdfpdf