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London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Mathematical Genetics
Monday 5th July - Thursday 15th July 2004


All lectures take place in room CG93 (the Scarborough lecture theatre) in the Department of Mathematical Sciences on the Science Site. Coffee and Tea are served in CM105. Meals are taken at Grey College.

Monday 5th July
14:00Registration in Holgate House - closes at Dinner
Tuesday 6th July
Chairman: P Donnelly
09:00-09:30B CharlesworthEvolution and variation in genomic regions with low recombination rates
09:30-10:00S LessardThe Ewens sampling formula and related formulae: combinatorial proofs, extensions to variable population size and applications to ages of alleles
10:00-10:30S SawyerHow can one tell in which direction evolution is going?
Chairman: S Krone
11:30-12:00M MöhleCoalescent processes with simultaneous multiple collisions of ancestral lineages
12:00-12:30P JoyceEvaluating the theory of adaptive evolution: Do two Wrongs make a Wright?
12:30-13:00J BlathCoexistence in locally regulated competing populations
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: P Joyce
16:00-16:30S KroneThe role of spatial structure in Bacteriophage evolution
16:30-17:00JC WhittakerPredicting the functional consequences of amino acid polymorphisms using hierarchical Bayesian models
17:00-17:30C WiufAn algorithm for dividing genotypes into blocks: An extension of Hudson and Kaplan's RM to genotypic data.
20:00Wine Reception (after dinner)
Wednesday 7th July
Chairman: S Sawyer
09:00-09:30E BaakeAncestry in mutation-selection models
09:30-10:00R GriffithsThe genealogy of a mutation
10:00-10:30A WakolbingerContinuous-mass stable branching and its resampling counterpart
Chairman: G Nicholls
11:30-12:00R BuergerA multilocus analysis of intraspecific competition and stabilizing selection on a quantitative trait
12:00-12:30C NeuhauserEcological and evolutionary consequences of large-scale perturbations
12:30-13:00P DonnellyThe fine scale structure of recombination rate variation in the human genome
13:00Lunch - Grey College
13:50Conference Photograph
Chairman: B Charlesworth
16:00-16:30M PrzeworskiDirectional positive selection on standing variation
16:30-17:00SP PtakAbsence of the TAP2 human recombination hotspot in chimpanzees
17:00-17:30S MyersDo chimps share human recombination hotspots?
Thursday 8th July
Chairman: J Marchini
09:00-09:30A von HaeselerIQPNNI: Moving fast through tree space and stopping in time
09:30-10:00M De IorioImportance sampling on coalescent histories
10:00-10:30MA BeaumontApproximate Bayesian methods in genetic data analysis: some applications
Chairman: A Wakolbinger
11:30-12:00G ReinertSmall worlds - statistics
12:00-12:30M BirknerSpatial critically branching particle systems with state-dependent branching rate
12:30-13:00WS KendallMultiresolution Ising models
13:00Lunch - Grey College
15:00Poster Session
Chairman: IJ Wilson
16:00-16:30Z YangComparison of synonymous and nonsynonymous rates to detect selection in protein-coding genes
16:30-17:00G NichollsSpecifying and fitting a Dollo point process model of binary trait character evolution
17:00-17:30AJ DrummondTesting neutrality and modeling non-neutrality using temporally spaced sequence data
Friday 9th July
Chairman: M Przeworski
09:00-09:30JK PritchardCoalescent approaches to association mapping
09:30-10:00N PattersonHow old is the most recent ancestor of two copies of an allele?
10:00-10:30F DepaulisPopulation genetics of time structured data, an application on cave bear ancient DNA
Chairman: AJ Drummond
11:30-12:00K DawsonA Bayesian approach to some model-based clustering problems in population genetics
12:00-12:30F RoussetPerformance of maximum likelihood estimators of dispersal and mutation rates from gene frequency data
12:30-13:00IJ WilsonGenealogies and population structure.
13:00Lunch - Grey College
14:30Cathedral visit
Chairman: R Buerger
16:00-16:30D RozeInbreeding depression and the evolution of migration rates
16:30-17:00MAR de CaraModels of evolution of assortative mating
17:00-17:30X-S ZhangThe frequency distribution of genes affecting quantitative traits in populations under natural selection
Saturday 10th July
Chairman: J Blath
09:00-09:30Y FuExact coalescent under the Wright-Fisher model
09:30-10:00S WilliamsonNon-stationary population genetic models with selection: theory and inference
10:00-10:30NGC SmithBayesian inference of genome structure and application to base composition variation
Chairman: R Griffiths
11:30-12:00L LoeweTesting hypotheses about the importance of Muller's ratchet in mtDNA
12:00-12:30J HofbauerSelection dynamics for a continuum of alleles
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Sunday 11th July
09:00Day trip to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby
Monday 12th July
Chairman: WJ Ewens
09:00-09:30N BartonDistinguishing causes of reduced diversity
09:30-10:00T JohnsonMultipoint linkage disequilibrium mapping using multilocus allele frequency data
10:00-10:30WH StephanLocalizing selective sweeps along a recombining chromosome
Chairman: J Wakeley
11:30-12:00N RosenbergEstimating transposition rates using serial isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
12:00-12:30J MarchiniIN SILICO genotyping
12:30-13:00RN NielsenDetecting selective sweeps from ascertained SNP data
13:00Lunch - Grey College
15:00Poster Session - another chance to speak to the participants presenting posters
Chairman: D Falush
16:00-16:30P FearnheadA review and comparison of population-based estimators of local recombination rates
16:30-17:00C BustamanteComparative evolutionary genomics of Humans and Chimpanzees
17:00-17:30A Di RienzoInferences about human demography based on multilocus analyses of noncoding sequences
Tuesday 13th July
Chairman: M Turelli
09:00-09:30BS WeirThe genetic architecture of human chromosome 20
09:30-10:00D ReichHigh density admixture mapping to find genes for complex disease and application to multiple sclerosis
10:00-10:30J WakeleyNatural selection and genetic drift in a subdivided population
Chairman: WH Stephan
11:30-12:00JW WallEstimating recombination rates using three site likelihoods
12:00-12:30WJ EwensThoughts on the TDT
12:30-13:00S SchaffnerCalibrating coalescent simulations of human genome sequence variation
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: T Johnson
16:00-16:30R NichollsDiscrepancies between real population histories and the assumptions of mathematical models: problems and some solutions.
16:30-17:00H Wilkinson-HerbotsFst and the "effective level of gene flow" in models of subdivided populations.
17:00-17:30M TurelliEffects of genetic drift on variance components under a general model of epistasis
19:00Drinks in Grey JCR followed by the Conference dinner
Wednesday 14th July
Chairman: G McVean
09:30-10:00A Eyre-WalkerThe distribution of fitness effects of new mutations in humans and fruit flies
10:00-10:30D FalushAnthropological genetics, as taught by Helicobacter pylori
Chairman: D Reich
11:30-12:00D GoldsteinHaplotype mapping in pharmacogenetics
12:00-12:30D LabudaX-linked markers tracing history of human populations
12:30-13:00G McVeanApproximate models of recombination
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: S Myers
16:00Graduate Talks
16:00-16:15M CapaldoA disintegrationtheorem for infinite variance superprocesses
16:15-16:30N CloeteMCMC for a distribution over ancestral selection graphs
16:30-16:45L MeligkotsidouMaximum likelihood estimation of coalescence times in genealogical trees
16:45-17:00P PfaffelhuberGenealogical trees including fossils
17:00-17:15J PolechovaSpeciation in sympatry? Evolution of associations between loci under disruptive selection and loci affecting assortative mating.
17:15-17:30K SchneiderThe role of assortative mating in shaping genetic variation under frequency-dependent selection
17:30-17:45BF VoightConfounding from cryptic relatedness in association studies
Thursday 15th July
Departure after breakfast