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London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Operator Theory and Spectral Analysis
Tuesday 2nd August - Friday 12th August 2005


All lectures take place in room CG93 (the Scarborough lecture theatre). Coffee and Tea are served in CM105. Meals are taken at Grey College.

Tuesday 2nd August
14:00Registration in Junior Common Room - closes at Dinner
Wednesday 3rd August
Chairman: W. Craig
09:20-10:10T. SunadaGeometric theory of lattice vibrations
10:20-10:50L. BoultonOn the oscillation of eigenfunctions of fourth-order two-point boundary value problems.
10:50-11:20P. TopalovAn inverse spectral result for a class of integrable billiard tables
11:50-12:40N.K. NikolskiVan der Waerden's problem and analytic capacities
13:15Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: A. Pushnitski
15:50-16:40M. ShubinCan one see the fundamental frequency of a drum?
17:10-17:40D. KhmelnitskiiPhysicist's view on localisation
17:40-18:10R. HrynivInverse spectral problems for Bessel operators
20:00Wine Reception (after dinner)
Thursday 4th August
Chairman: R. Hempel
09:20-10:10M. PlumAn existence and enclosure method for nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems
10:20-10:50V. KisilAlgebraic and analytic aspects of covariant functional calculus
10:50-11:20D. PearsonSpectral density for one-dimensional Schrodinger operators
11:50-12:40W. CraigHamiltonian PDE
13:15Lunch - Grey College
14:00Conference Photograph after lunch
Chairman: V. Liskevich
15:50-16:40V. KozlovL2-perturbations of leading coefficients of elliptic operators: asymptotics of eigenvalues and similar problems
17:10-17:40S.N. Chandler-WildeSpectral problems associated with scattering by unbounded surfaces
17:40-18:10I. GoldsheidRandom diffeomorphisms, Lyapunov exponents, and random operators
18:10-18:40M. RuzhanskyLimiting absorption principle in the critical case and applications
Friday 5th August
Chairman: D. M. Elton
09:20-10:10M.Z. SolomyakOn the spectrum in Smilansky's model of irreversible quantum graphs
10:20-10:50W.D. EvansOn the spectrum in Smilansky's model of irreversible quantum graphs: the 2-oscillator case
10:50-11:20M. LindnerGeneralized collective compactness and limit operators
11:50-12:40T. KappelerOn geodesic exponential maps of the Virasoro group
13:15Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: J.R. Partington
15:50-16:40L. FriedlanderThe determinant of a differential operator on a metric graph
17:10-17:40T.A. GillespieWeighted ergodic theory and dimension free estimates
17:40-18:10M. MarlettaWeak stability for an inverse Sturm-Liouville problem with finite spectral data and complex potential
18:10-18:40D. ShkarinOn possible spectral structure of linear continuous operators
Saturday 6th August
Chairman: T.A. Gillespie
10:20-10:50M.A. DritschelInterpolation in semigroupoid algebras
10:50-11:20B. PelloniThe spectral analysis of linear differential operators - a new approach
11:50-12:40G.M. GrafEquality of bulk and edge Hall conductances in a mobility gap
13:15Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: A. Boettcher
15:50-16:40L. KapitanskiGeometry and analysis of the Faddeev model
17:10-17:40C.J.K. BattyResolvent conditions for perturbations of semigroup generators and solutions of delay equations
17:40-18:10Yu. NetrusovSharp version of the Birman-Solomyak theorem on estimates of entropy numbers
18:10-18:40E. ShargorodskyThe Riemann-Hilbert problem with a vanishing coefficient that arises in nonlinear hydrodynamics
Sunday 7th August
09:15Day trip to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby
Monday 8th August
Chairman: L. Boulton
09:20-10:10M.S. AgranovichPoincare-Steklov type operators in domains with Lipschitz boundaries
10:20-10:50B. KhoruzhenkoMoments of spectral determinants of complex random matrices
10:50-11:20V. LiskevichGaussian bounds for propagators perturbed by potentials
11:50-12:40A. BoettcherFrom Toeplitz eigenvalues to spectra of canonical higher-order ordinary differential operators
13:15Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: B. Pelloni
15:50-16:40A. LaptevSpectral inequalities for many particles
17:10-17:40Z. SobolDirichlet spaces with no reference measure.
17:40-18:10F. TrucAccuracy on eigenvalues for Schrödinger Operator with a degenerate potential in the semi-classical limit
18:10-18:40I. KamotskiStructure of the spectrum of acoustic operator with singularly perturbed periodic coefficients
Tuesday 9th August
Chairman: A. Laptev
09:20-10:10G. RozenblioumOn eigenvalues of the Pauli and magnetic Schrödinger operators with variable magnetic field: zero modes and splitting of Landau levels.
10:20-10:50A. GamburdPoisson-Dirichlet distribution for random Belyi surfaces
10:50-11:20J.R. PartingtonThe resolvent test for admissibility of semigroups and Volterra equations
11:50-12:40F.K. KloppResonances for slowly varying perturbations of a periodic Schrödinger operator
13:15Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: S. Pott
15:50-16:40N. VasilevskiCommutative algebras of Toeplitz operators and Berezin quantization
17:10-17:40V. SmyshlyaevSpectral problems for high contrast periodic media and homogenisation
17:40-18:10L. ParnovskiDistribution of lattice points in Euclidean and hyperbolic spaces
19:00Drinks in Grey JCR followed by the Conference dinner
Wednesday 10th August
Chairman: F.K. Klopp
10:20-10:50I. PolterovichThe spectral function and the remainder in local Weyl's law: View from below
10:50-11:20B. ZegarlinskiCoercive inequalities and nonlinear parabolic problems in infinite dimensions
11:50-12:40M.V. BerryPhysics of nonhermitian degeneracies
13:15Lunch - Grey College
14:30Cathedral visit
Thursday 11th August
Chairman: I. Polterovich
10:20-10:50M. LevitinEmbedded eigenvalues of the Laplacian for domains with cylindrical ends
10:50-11:20S. PottAdmissibility and exact observability of observation operators
11:50-12:40L.E. FraenkelA constructive existence proof for the extreme Stokes wave
13:15Lunch - Grey College
Chairman: M. Marletta
15:50-16:40D. YafaevA particle in an inhomogeneous magnetic field.
17:10-17:40P. KurasovWigner-von Neumann perturbations of periodic Schrödinger operator
17:40-18:10O. GomilkoThe Caley transform of the generator of a uniformly bounded C_0-semigroup
Friday 12th August
Departure after breakfast