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Durham Cathedral

London Mathematical Society - EPSRC Durham Symposium
Geometry and Arithmetic of Lattices
Monday 4th July - Thursday 14th July 2011


This meeting will bring together people from a variety of backgrounds, but who all have an interest in lattices. The topics covered by the conference will include:
  1. Betti numbers and covers
  2. Complex hyperbolic lattices
  3. Counting lattices
  4. Geometric properties of lattices
  5. Non-arithmeticity
  6. Reflection groups
  7. Subgroup separability of hyperbolic lattices
  8. Volumes
We aim to create an environment where the delegates can be informed about recent research via the talks and where they will have time and space in which to interact on an informal basis. We plan to have between four and five hours of talks each day. It will not be possible for every delegate to speak. A few international experts will each give a series of talks outlining the methods used in their area, recent results and open problems. In addition, there will be the opportunity for younger delegates to speak about their research and for graduate students to present posters. There will be the possibility for delegates to organise spontaneous, informal talks and workshops during the times when lectures will not take place.
Organising Committee:
Misha Belolipetsky (Durham), Martin Bridson (Oxford), Marc Lackenby (Oxford), John Parker (Durham)
Scientific advisers:
Misha Kapovich (UC Davis), Alan Reid (UT Austin)