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Durham Cathedral

London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Methods of Integrable Systems in Geometry
Friday 11th August - Monday 21st August 2006

Informal Programme
Tuesday 15th August
14:00-14:30CM221F. Burstall Twistor spaces, 4 symmetric spaces and integrable systems
14:30-15:00CM221D. Brander Pluriharmonic maps and curved flats.
14:30-16:15CM107B. Konopelchenko Dispersionless integrable systems and quasi-classical geometry (Survey)
15:15-16:00CM221P. Romon Hamiltonian stationary surfaces as an integrable system
Wednesday 16th August
13:50-14:50CM221M.A. Guest Quantum cohomology and harmonic maps (Survey)
15:00-15:45CM221M.U. Schmidt Towards a proof of the Willmore conjecture.
15:00-16:00CM107I.A.B. Strachan Two constructions for the isomonodromic tau-function.
15:45-16:00CM221W. Rossman Index of CMC tori of revolution in the 3-sphere
Friday 18th August
13:45-14:45CM107T. Coates Orbifold quantum cohomology of weighted projective spaces.
14:00-14:45CM221J.C. Wood Integrability of Jacobi fields along harmonic maps.
15:00-16:00CM107H.I. Iritani Wall-crossings and mirror symmetry for orbifolds.
15:00-15:30CM221S.-P. Kobayashi Integrable surfaces via complex constant mean curvature immersions.
15:30-16:00CM221J. Inoguchi Classification of surfaces with parallel second fundamental form in 3-dimensional homogeneous spaces.
Saturday 19th August
14:00-14:30CY93N. Schmitt Constant mean curvature immersions of the punctured sphere with asymptotically Delaunay ends and finite symmetry groups.
14:30-15:00CY93H. Wu On constant mean curvature surfaces with symmetries.
14:30-15:00CM107A. Doliwa The Möbius and Gallucci theorems, and geometric integrability of the B-(Moutard) and the C-(symmetric) quadrilateral lattices.
15:15-15:45CM107L. Fernandez On the space of harmonic maps from the 2-sphere to the unit n-sphere
15:15-16:00CY93 M. Koiso Geometry and stability of surfaces with constant anisotropic mean curvature.
Sunday 20th August
13:45-14:30CM107J.D.E. Grant Group actions on self-dual Yang-Mills moduli spaces
14:00-14:45CM221M. Kilian On CMC tori in the 3-sphere
14:50-15:20CM221Y. Ohnita On Lagrangian submanifolds and isoparametric hypersurfaces in spheres.
15:25-15:55CM221K. Kenmotsu On the Ricci condition of CMC surfaces in a complex space form.
15:30-16:00CM107M. Svensson Harmonic morphisms and twistor constructions