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Welcome to Mathlab!


Mathlab is a maths drop-in centre run by the mathematical sciences department and the careers service. We offer informal and friendly help sessions open to students at any level of study and from any department at the university. If you're having trouble with a part of your course, have found yourself having to carry out some form of mathematical analysis or are struggling to interpret data or the results of a study then this is the place to find some assistance. The programme hopes to close the interdisciplinary gap that is sometimes found to exist between those who study mathematics and those who find themselves having to use ideas with which they are not familiar or do not feel confident.

Mathlab offers support for all forms of mathematical application - including statistics and statistical analysis - and does so through face to face discussion and collaborative exploration of the problem. The format of the drop-in centre is simple: bring your problem along and ask one of our tutors about exactly what is troubling you. We only ask that you also bring any relevent course materials (such as your own lecture notes and handouts), your efforts so far and a desire to learn how to solve the problem. Once a tutor is available to assist you the initial discussion will last around 15 minutes. You'll then have a better understanding of how to approach the problem and can have a go at completing the solution; in fact we welcome students to stay in the Mathlab room to work in case further problems arise. If this is the case then you can re-approach the tutor who worked with you for more help.


The Mathlab schedule details the opening hours and location of the drop-in centre each week. This year support is offered three times a week (twice at Durham and once at Stockton). During the opening hours just go along at your convenience and the tutors that are on duty will be glad to help. There is no need to make a booking (just drop-in!) but if you would like to ensure you have time with a particular tutor then you can let us know via email,address can be found on the same page as the schedule. If you have an urgent query and cannot attend one of the sessions in a given week then it is also possible to request an alternative time contacting us via email We will try our best to accommodate such requests where possible but if this proves difficult then we can also offer help via email.

Behind the scenes

This pilot scheme is gratefully supported and funded by the Durham university careers centre. Further academic support can also be found through the Academic Skills Programme. If you attend a session at Mathlab we will ask to record some data about your visit. This is to help us should you return with a related query in the future and will also help us to analyse the requirements of the students that make use of the Mathlab service. This information will be confidential and we will not inform departments of the names of students who make use of the Mathlab service.
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