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Contact details for everyone working on the SPOCK Programme are shown below

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Name Role University Department Email
Prof. Paul Sutcliffe Project Director and Durham Lead Durham Mathematics Contact Prof. Paul Sutcliffe
Prof. Mark Dennis Bristol Lead Bristol Physics Contact Prof. Mark Dennis
Dr. Martin Gradhand Co-Investigator Bristol Physics Contact Dr. Martin Gradhand
Prof. Ifan Hughes Co-Investigator Durham Physics Contact Prof. Ifan Hughes
Dr. Jeremy Kendal Co-Investigator Durham Anthropology Contact Dr. Jeremy Kendal
Dr. Andrew Lobb Co-Investigator Durham Mathematics Contact Dr. Andrew Lobb
Prof. Mervyn Miles FRS Co-Investigator Bristol Physics Contact Prof. Mervyn Miles
Dr. Jonathan Robbins Co-Investigator Bristol Mathematics Contact Dr. Jonathan Robbins
Dr. Annela Seddon Co-Investigator Bristol PhysicsContact Dr. Annela Seddon
Prof. Jonathan Steed Co-Investigator Durham Chemistry Contact Prof. Jonathan Steed
Prof. Sir Michael Atiyah FRS Consultant Edinburgh Mathematics Contact Sir Michael Atiyah
Prof. Sir Michael Berry FRS Consultant (Bristol) Bristol Physics Contact Sir Michael Berry
Prof. Paula Booth Consultant King's College London Physics Contact Prof. Paula Booth
Dr. Elizabeth Bromley Consultant (Durham) Durham Physics Contact Dr. Elizabeth Bromley
Dr. Simon Gardiner Consultant (Durham) Durham Physics Contact Dr. Simon Gardiner
Dr. Simon Hanna Consultant (Bristol) Bristol Physics Contact Dr. Simon Hanna
Prof. John Hannay Consultant (Bristol) Bristol Physics Contact Prof. John Hannay
Prof. James Ladyman Consultant (External) Bristol Philosophy Contact Prof. James Ladyman
Prof. Gordon Love Consultant (Durham) Durham Physics Contact Prof. Gordon Love
Simon McIntosh-Smith Consultant (Bristol) Bristol Computer Science Contact Simon McIntosh-Smith
Dr. Mark Miller Consultant (Durham) Durham Chemistry Contact Dr. Mark Miller
Prof. Miles Padgett FRS Consultant (External) Glasgow Physics (Visiting Professor) Contact Prof. Miles Padgett
Dr. Christopher Prior Consultant (Durham) Durham Mathematics Contact Dr. Christopher Prior
Dr. Jamie Tehrani Consultant (Durham) Durham Anthropology Contact Dr. Jamie Tehrani
Prof. Stuart Whittington Consultant (External) Toronto Chemistry (Visiting Professor) Contact Prof. Stuart Whittington
Dr. Anthony Yeates Consultant Durham Mathematics Contact Dr. Anthony Yeates
Dr. Brette Chapin Research Associate Durham Chemistry/Mathematics Contact Dr. Brette Chapin
Dr. David Foster Research Associate Bristol Physics Contact Dr. David Foster
Dr. Fabian Maucher Research Associate Durham Mathematics/Physics Contact Dr. Fabian Maucher
Dr. Alexander Taylor Research Associate Bristol PhysicsContact Dr. Alexander Taylor
Keith Alexander PhD Student Bristol Physics Contact Keith Alexander
Ben Beswick PhD Student Durham Physics Contact Ben Beswick
Benjamin Bode PhD Student Bristol Physics Contact Benjamin Bode
Elena Boniolo PhD Student Bristol Physics Contact Elena Boniolo
Antonio Cincotti PhD Student Durham Chemistry Contact Antonio Cincotti
David Evans PhD Student Durham Mathematics Contact David Evans
Lauren Scanlon PhD Student Durham Anthropology/Mathematics Contact Lauren Scanlon
Danica Sugic PhD Student Bristol Physics Contact Danica Sugic
Adrian Harris Project Administrator Durham Website and Administration Contact Adrian Harris
Emma Creasey Academic Administrator Bristol Website and Administration Contact Emma Creasey

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