[B/D] - The Bayes Linear Programming Language

Welcome to the home of [B/D]. From this page, you can download the [B/D] software, and accompanying documentation. In time it will also contain update release notes, macro libraries, etc.

To run the software you will need to take either the co-processor or the no-coprocessor version of the main program from the [B/D] for Windows link. Neither of these files contain documentation. You will almost certainly have to read some documentation. Sorry about that. Three tutorial guides and a reference manual are supplied in various formats - follow the [B/D] Documentation link to find them. The [B/D] manual is also available online in html format, as [B/D] manual online. Your best bet is to read the document entitled Bayes linear methods II in conjunction with the document Bayes linear methods I, which sets out the basic theory, concepts, and notation.

Before you take anything, be warned! [B/D] supplies tools to help you organise and analyse your beliefs and data. You cannot use it without thinking, and it does not contain the usual statistical macros. If you're looking for a package to apply, for example, standard linear regression mindlessly, look elsewhere. See the Bayes linear home page for more details.