Bernard Piette

Professor; member of the Biophysical Science Institute (BSI) and the Centre for Particle Theory (CPT)

Telephone: +44 (0)191 334 3107


Address: Department of Mathematical Sciences
Stockton Road, DURHAM
DH1 3LE United Kingdom

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Research interests:

Understanding the Covid 19 epidemic.
Polaron Dynamics: transfer of energy across the cell membrane.
Controversial Nano-cages: protein nano cages are artificially made to ultimately improve drug delivery. Some of them have mathematically impossible geometries.
On the origin of life: The chicken and egg problem is well known and the answer is evolution. But how did life start from a soup of carbon, water and a few minerals.

Numerical Integration of the sine-Gordon Equation Lecture notes, including the source code in C++, describing the design of a program solving any system of partial differential equation in 1d. The full example supplied solves the sine-Gordon equation.  

Applied Numerical Methods: web notes Some notes and examples of simple numerical methods in C  

Sysf: a system administration tool to configure centrally a network of Unix/Linux computers.