Daniel Funck (né Clark)

Personal details
I'm a 4th year PhD student at Durham University under the supervision of Jack Shotton.
My mathematical interests include number theory, algebraic geometry, representation theory, the Langlands programme and patching methods.
My current hobbies outside of mathematics include going on adventures (hiking), swing dancing and cooking.
email: daniel.p.clark@durham.ac.uk
My name(s)
I feel some explanation regarding why I have two names (Funck and Clark) may be necessary. In September 2022, I was married, and I have decided to take my wife's name (that is, Funck). Due to complicated timings and technical processes, at the time of writing, my official name that appears on various documents is still Daniel Clark.
1. The geometry of the unipotent component of the moduli space of Weil-Deligne representations (in preparation) Link