University of Durham --- Department of Mathematical Sciences

Durham Days on Modular Forms

Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 3

"If you have never been to Durham, go there at once. It's wonderful."

Bill Bryson

This week-long workshop will feature new develpoments in Modular Forms and Related Topics, in themes such as
Moduli spaces and orthogonal modular forms
Arithmetic geometry and modular forms
Modular forms and theta series
Explicit constructions
Multiple Dirichlet series


Confirmed Participants:

J. Beineke (Western New England College)
T. Berger (Camdridge)
S. Boecherer (Mannheim)
H. Boylan (Siegen)
G. Chinta (CUNY)
F. Clery (Lille)
A. Deitmar (Tuebingen)
N. Diamantis (Nottingham)
P. Garrett (Minnesota)
P. Gunnells (UMass)
R. Hill (UCL)
O. Imamoglu (ETH Zurich)
J. Jorgensen (CUNY)
B. Kane (Cologne)
Z. Kent (Emory)
J. Kramer (Berlin)
U. Kuehn (Hamburg)
N. Raulf (Lille)
M. Raum (MPI Bonn)
B. Roberts (Idaho)
Y. Petridis (UCL)
A. v.Pippig (Berlin)
M Risager (Copenhagen)
R. Schmidt (Oklahoma)
N. Skoruppa (Siegen)
N Scheithauer (Darmstadt)
F Stroemberg (Darmstadt)
A. Toth (Budapest)
L. Walling (Bristol)
S. Zwegers (Dublin)

Accommodation will be provided in three of the colleges of Durham University: Hatfield, University College (castle), and Collingwood.

All talks will take place in CM 101 in the Department of Mathematical Sciences on the Science Site. Schedule TBA.

Travel: Durham is easy to get to by air and train. Click here for relevant information.


J Funke, University of Durham