{LPCM} - Record of changes and updates

Version Date
0.46-7 and higher 14/09/2020The maintanance of this log is discontinued. For information on latest updates, please download the package from CRAN and call news(package="LPCM").
0.46-3 30/08/2019 Improved default settings for convergence and merging of clusters in function ms; updated documentation. Submitted to CRAN.
0.46-2 10/04/2019 Added functionality to carry out mean shift clustering for univariate data. Submitted to CRAN.
0.46-1 17/02/2019 Several improvements to mean shift functionalities, including print and plot functions for ms. Submitted to CRAN.
0.45-1 to 0.46-0 05/02/2019-15/02/2019 Some bug fixed and improvements to function ms. Not published.
0.45-0 22/09/2015 Modifications to function kernd and the cross functionality in lpc.control
0.44-8 16/11/2013 Improved examples for mean shift clustering.
0.44-6 11/05/2012 Added NAMESPACE and fixed other technicalities. Also fixed a minor bug in lpc.self.coverage
0.44-5 28/09/2011 Submitted to CRAN.
0.44-0 to 0.44-4 16/09/2011- 26/09/2011 Automatic starting point selection via local density modes. Improved plotted output for dimensions >= 3. The commands Rc and unscale are now generic functions. Several changes to lpc.control.
0.43 14/06/2011 Submitted to CRAN.
0.42-1 to 0.42-8 05/05/2011- 13/06/2011 Several improvements relating to the plotting options and the bandwidth selection tool. Allowing bifurcations (in form of branches of higher depth) now for data of arbitrary dimensionality. Multiple amendments in the manual.
0.41-6 23/11/2010 First version published on CRAN.
0.41 to 0.41-5 01/10/2010- 04/10/2010 Several improvements and bug fixes to functions Rc and ms.
0.40 to 0.40-2 01/10/2010- 04/10/2010 A problem in lpc.self.coverage was fixed. Added code for mean shift clustering. Several improvements in the documentation files.
0.39 to 0.39-1 28/07/2010- 29/07/2010 Coverage and Self-coverage curves implemented. lpc convergence parameters outsourced into lpc.control() .
0.38 to 0.38-1 21/06/2010- 22/06/2010 Improved S3 compatibility of print and plot functions; added help pages for these.
0.37-1 to 0.37-3 11/06/2010- 14/06/2010 Included gaia data. Improved handling of lpc.Rc. [first package version published online]
0.37 10/06/2010 The computational speed of lpc.Rc was increased. Help pages improved.
0.36-4 to 0.36-7 06/06/2010- 09/06/2010 A bug in lpc.Rc was fixed. Several help pages written. Renamed speedflow in calspeedflow.
0.36-3 09/02/2010 Improved output of function lpc.spline.
0.36 28/08/2009 Package renamed to LPCM. Included data set speedflow. Help files updated.
0.35-1 to 0.35-6 24/07/2009- 19/08/2009 Several improvements centered around the creation of new functions lpc.spline, lpc.project, and plot.lpc.
0.35 13/07/2009 Improved presentation of output. Boundary correction can now be switched on or off.
0.34 03/07/2009 A minor bug in lpc.project.spline was fixed. More graphical parameters supported for plots of splines and projections.
0.33 26/06/2009 The first "real" R package version under the name LPC. Includes all spline/projection functions used in Einbeck, Evers and Hinchliff (2010) which were in parts implemented by L. Evers.
0.32-1 13/03/2009 Last source code version of lpc. Features a boundary correction suggested by M. Zayed.
0.32 16/10/2007 Source code version of lpc. A bug relating the initialization of multiple random starting points was fixed. For all dimensions d ≥ 2, the (unit-speed) parameterization is now accessible in the fitted lpc object [last source code version published online].
0.31 07/10/2007 Source code version of lpc. Default settings for all tuning parameters, an arbitrary number of starting points can be specified by hand, and the possibility to scale the data automatically onto the [0,1] range in each direction (facilitating bandwidth selection).
0.20 - 0.30 21/08/2006- 10/09/2007 Early source code versions of lpc, based on Einbeck, Tutz, and Evers (2005) [published on the web since August 2006].

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