I'm a second-year PhD student studying at Durham University under Prof. Anthony Yeates. My main research is in magnetohyrdodynamic/magnetofrictional modelling of the Sun's magnetic field. In particular, I will be focusing on the behaviour of flux ropes, and attempting to predict whether or not they will erupt.

Coronal Model

In an attempt to improve the initial conditions of some of our simulations, we have developed a new method to model the global Solar Corona (see the above picture). The paper describing this has recently been accepted into the Astrophysical Journal, and is available here.

I'm currently using 2.5D magnetofrictional simulations to unertake an extensive (many thousands of runs) parameter study in an attempt to find correlations between the probability of an eruption and various diagnostics. The preliminary results are interesting, and are to be published in the Frontiers Journal.