Will Hide

About me
I'm a 3rd year PhD student at Durham University under the supervision of Prof. Michael Magee.
I am interested in geometry and dynamics. I'm currently working on the spectral theory of random cusped surfaces.
2. Appendix to Strongly convergent unitary representations of limit groups By Lars Louder and Michael Magee.
(with Michael Magee)
1. Short geodesics and small eigenvalues on random hyperbolic punctured spheres. (With Joe Thomas)
2. Near optimal spectral gaps for hyperbolic surfaces. (With Michael Magee) Annals of Mathematics, to appear.
[Quanta article]
1. Spectral gap for Weil-Petersson random surfaces with cusps. I.M.R.N, 2022.
email: william(dot)hide(AT)durham(dot)ac(dot)uk