11 to 15 April 2016        Department of Mathematical Sciences

I would like to participate

Can all mathematicians participate within the study group?

All mathematicians can take part, by which we mean mathematicians of any background. We aim to have a good balance of pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and probability.

This is open to all academic staff and researchers, research assistants, and postgraduate students working within mathematical sciences.

What type of problem do we have to solve?

The experience of previous study meetings is that the range of problems is large and requires expertise from all areas of mathematics. For a flavour of the kinds of problems studied, please take a look at descriptions of the problems submitted at the last two ESGI: ESGI107 and ESGI100. You might wonder if your expertise would have been useful for any of these problems. The fact is that the skills required to address these problems are much broader than first comes to mind. It is the interaction between mathematicians with a wide range of expertise and experience that allows one to tackle these problems in such a short time.

Is there a charge to take part?

We have a limited amount of free full-board accommodation for participating mathematicians. Travel expenses must be paid for by the participants. Postgraduate students are expected to obtain funding to pay for their accommodation and a small registration fee.

How does it work?

The organisers can be contacted by email at esgi@durham.ac.uk


The organisers can be contacted by email at: esgi@durham.ac.uk.