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The following lists the module code and the title of modules taken by Natural Sciences students in recent years by the level of each module - clicking on the link will take you to further details listed in the Faculty Handbook. There may be additional choices available, see the link on the right column to 'All Univ modules' for more details of modules within

The last digit of the module code indicates whether the module is single, double or triple. The level indicates the year in which modules are normally taken, but it is often the case that students take modules from the adjacent level beneath the year of study. Visit the Subjects page for the general overarching rules and structure.

Education is a Group 3 subject which does not contribute to a Joint Honours degree within Natural Sciences and is also not from a Department within the Faculty of Sciences. For students entering on or before October 2015 wishes to take a module from the list below they must take a minimum of 40 credits in any given year. Like any subject which is not part of a Joint-Honours route, Education is not guaranteed to work with your choice(s) of Group 1 science subject(s) but that does not stop you from pursuing Education, subject to the usual restrictions of Natural Sciences.

In BSc students' final year, they are required to take no less than 20 credits and no more than 60 credits of Capstone Modules. These modules are denoted with G

Education modules available or taken by Natural Sciences students in recent year

Level 1 modules

The History Of Education From 1800 To The Present Day (EDUC1451)
The Context Of Education (EDUC1461)
Learning And Teaching (EDUC1471)

Level 2 modules

Philosophy Of Social Science (Special dispensation needs to be given to take this module) (EDUC2191)
Key Issues And Dilemmas In The Uk Education System (EDUC2291)
Learning In The Early Years (EDUC2321)
Higher Education: Issues Of Exclusion And Inclusion (EDUC2351)
Identity, Culture And Education (EDUC2361)
Constructing Childhood And Youth (EDUC2401)

Level 3 modules

New Directions In Social Science (Special dispensation needs to be given to take this module) (EDUC3081)
Double Dissertation In Theory And Philosophy Of Social ScienceG (EDUC3182)
Education In A Global Age (EDUC3191)
Political Sociology Of Education (EDUC3221)
Responding To Special Educational Needs (EDUC3271)
The Limits Of Educational Assessment (EDUC3281)
Citizenship Education (EDUC3291)

Further advice

A full list of Education modules can be found in the Faculty Handbook

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