Dr. Thanasis Bouganis

Research interests: Iwasawa Theory, Arithmetic of Automorphic Forms, Error-Correcting Codes.

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University.

CV in English: CV.

Workshop: "Arithmetic of automorphic forms and special L-values", (Durham, March 26-27, 2018).

Teaching: Topics in Algebra and Geometry IV.

Teaching in previous years: Complex Analysis II, (Epiphany 2017), Algebraic Geometry III/IV (2015-2016), Elementary Number Theory and Cryptography II (2014-2015), Algebraic Geometry III/IV (Michaelmas 2013).

Grant: My research is supported by the EPSRC First-Grant (EP/N009266/1), Arithmetic of automorphic forms and special L-Values, April 2016-April 2018, (one-year Research Associate from April 2016 to APril 2017: Dr. Jolanta Marzec ).


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Other publications:

Non abelian p-adic L-functions and Eisenstein series of unitary groups, in Algrebraic Number Theory, Oberwolfach Report (2011).

Other scientific activities

The IWASAWA 2012 conference took place in Heidelberg from July 30 to August 3, 2012.

I lectured in the Sardinian Summer School in Iwasawa Theory, August 6-12, 2012.