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London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Recent Developments in Random Walks
Monday 2nd July - Thursday 12th July 2007


All lectures take place in room CG93 (the Scarborough lecture theatre) in the Department of Mathematical Sciences on the Science Site. Coffee and Tea are served in CM105. Meals are taken at Grey College.

Monday 2nd July
14:00Registration in Holgate House - closes at Dinner
Tuesday 3rd July
09:00-10:00A-S. SznitmanRandom walks and interfaces
10:00-11:00G. SladeRandom walks and the lace expansion I
11:00Coffee/Tea and laptop support
11:30-12:15R. van der HofstadAn expansion for self-interacting random walks
12:15-13:00J. MairesseFrom random walks on groups to queueing networks
13:00Lunch - Grey College
13:50Conference photograph after lunch outside Grey College main entrance
16:00-16:45O. HaggstromMarkov chains in a percolation theorist's toolbox
16:45-17:15M. HairerErgodic theory for a class of non-Markovian processes
17:15-17:45Th. DelmotteReversible random walks in a random environment of elliptic conductances
17:45-18:15J. WarrenConsistent families of Brownian motions
19:30Wine Reception (after dinner) in the JCR, Grey College
Wednesday 4th July
09:00-10:00L. Saloff-CosteRandom walks on finitely generated groups I
10:00-11:00G. SladeRandom walks and the lace expansion II
11:00Coffee/Tea and laptop support
11:30-12:15S. RollesLinearly edge-reinforced random walks - a subjective overview
12:15-13:00P. MathieuRandom walks with random conductances
13:00Lunch - Grey College
16:00-16:45F. MerklReinforced random walk on two-dimensional graphs
16:45-17:15M. JerrumTight bounds on mixing time of Markov chains
17:15-17:45M. WinkelSLE and α-SLE driven by Levy processes
17:45-18:15S. VeretennikovOn mixing for Markov diffusions and Poisson equations in Sobolev classes
Thursday 5th July
09:00-10:00O. ZeitouniRegeneration and quenched limits
10:00-11:00E. BolthausenRandom walks in random environment I
11:30-12:15J.R. NorrisStochastic flows, planar aggregation and the Brownian web
12:15-13:00W. WoessThe Poisson boundary of lamplighter random walks on the homogeneous tree
13:00Lunch - Grey College
Friday 6th July
09:00-10:00G. SladeRandom walks and the lace expansion III
10:00-10:45B. TothTagged particle diffusion in deterministic dynamics: old and new results
11:30-12:15R. van den BergSome standard and less standard coalescing random walk models
12:15-13:00V. SidoraviciusGrowth system with columnar defects and pinning problems
13:00Lunch - Grey College
16:00-16:45T. KumagaiHeat kernel estimates and Harnack inequalities for jump processes
16:45-17:30T. LyonsRapid convergence of a Markov chain with stationary measure: the heat kernel measure
17:30-18:15S. VolkovRandom walks with time and space dependent drifts
Saturday 7th July
09:00-10:00E. BolthausenRandom walks in random environment II
10:00-11:00L. Saloff-CosteRandom walks on finitely generated groups II
11:30-12:15C. SabotLimit laws for random walks in random environment on Z
12:15-13:00S.A. MolchanovPhase transitions in the long polymer chains
13:00Lunch - Grey College
16:45-17:30I. GoldscheidProducts of random transformations an RWRE
17:30-18:00A. JaraiSome estimates on 2D percolation
19:30Poster session with cheese and wine (after dinner) in the JCR, Grey College
Sunday 8th July
09:00Day trip to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby (confirm your participation at registration)
Monday 9th July
09:00-10:00R. PemantleRandom processes with reinforcement I (Basic models and techniques)
10:00-11:00L. Saloff-CosteRandom walks on finitely generated groups III
11:30-12:15V. LimicWaiting for the attracting edge to appear
12:15-13:00O. RaimondFrom simulated annealing to vertex-reinforced random walks.
13:00Lunch - Grey College
16:00-16:45P. MoertersIntersections of random walks in supercritical dimensions
16:45-17:30A.M. StevensA PDE point of view on reinforced random walks
Tuesday 10th July
09:00-10:00E. BolthausenRandom walks in random environment III
10:00-11:00R. PemantleRandom processes with reinforcement II (Applications of urn models)
11:30-12:15Y. Le JanDeterminants and Markov chains
12:15-13:00B. TsirelsonRandom walks in semigroups: stability and sensitivity
13:00Lunch - Grey College
14:30Cathedral visit (confirm your participation at registration)
16:00-16:45B. Davis

Initial weights and recurrence in vertex reinforced jump processes

16:45-17:15S.C. HarrisBranching Brownian motion in a quadratic potential
17:15-17:45Yu. SuhovAnderson localisation for interacting particles
17:45-18:15A. SakaiCritical behaviour and the limit distribution for long-range oriented percolation
19:00Drinks in Grey JCR followed by the Conference Dinner
Wednesday 11th July
09:00-10:00R. PemantleRandom processes with reinforcement III (Recent problems and results)
10:00-10:45R. LyonsUnimodularity and stochastic processes
11:30-12:15F. CometsOn ρ-percolation and the number of polymer paths
12:15-13:00M.V. MenshikovPeriodicity for some transient random walk associated with a polling system
13:00Lunch - Grey College
16:00-16:45K. BurdzyPathwise uniqueness for reflecting Brownian motion
16:45-17:15W. KendallCoupling Brownian stochastic areas
Thursday 12th July
Departure after breakfast