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EPSRC - London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium
Interactions of birational geometry with other fields
2012-07-02 to 2012-07-07
Amerik Iteration of rational self-maps: non-periodic algebraic points pdf pdf
Bondal Noncommutative blow-down representation theory pdf pdf
Budur Birational geometry and singularities pdf pdf
Campana Gromov's Oka-Grauert principle and special manifolds pdf pdf
Cascini Lifting sections in positive characteristic pdf pdf
Demailly A sharp lower bound for the log canonical threshold of an isolated plurisubharmonic singularity pdf pdf pdf pdf
Dolgachev Algebraic surfaces with large automorphism group pdf pdf
Donaldson Projective embeddings of Gromov-Hausdorff limits pdf pdf
Fujino Birational geometry and Hodge theory pdf pdf
Katzarkov Stability Hodge Structures and applications pdf pdf
Kawamata Birational geometry and derived categories pdf pdf
Lamy Birational self-maps and piecewise algebraic geometry pdf pdf
McKernan The moduli space of canonical polarised varieties, I pdf pdf
Moriwaki Birational Arakelov geometry pdf pdf pdf
Odaka Birational geometry and K-stability pdf pdf
Paun Extension of twisted pluricanonical forms: an overview pdf pdf
Prokhorov Subgroups of Cremona groups and Fano varieties pdf pdf
Shepherd-Barron Compactifications of M_g and A_g pdf pdf pdf
Testa The Büchi K3 surface and its rational points pdf pdf
Totaro Symmetric differentials and the fundamental group pdf pdf
Tschinkel Birational geometry and arithmetic geometry pdf pdf pdf
Tsuji Regularity of the twisted Kähler-Einstein currents and Relative pluricanonical systems of KLT pairs pdf pdf pdf
Xu The moduli space of canonical polarised varieties, II pdf pdf