London Mathematical Society -- EPSRC Durham Symposium
New moonshines, mock modular forms and string theory
2015-08-03 to 2015-08-12

Slides and Movies of Talks

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Speaker Title PDF MP4 Extras
Bringmann Polar harmonic Maass formsmp4
CarnahanRecent Progress in Generalized Moonshinemp4
ChengUmbral Moonshine and K3 CFTpdfmp4
DuncanWeight One Jacobi Formsmp4
EguchiMathieu Moonshinepdfmp4
FunkeCohomological Aspects of Mock Modular Formsmp4
GaberdielSymmetries of K3 Non-Linear Sigma Models pdfmp4
GannonShaken but not stirredmp4
HarveyUmbral Moonshinepdfmp4
HeluaniOn the N=4 Superconformal Structure of the Chiral de Rham Complex of a HyperKahler Manifoldmp4
KachruSuper-moonshine and BPS states on K3pdfmp4
KellerThe Large N Limit of Permutation Orbifoldsmp4
KondoThe Leech lattice and the Automorphism Group of a Generic Jacobian Kummer Surfacemp4
LibgoberElliptic Genus and Algebraic Geometrymp4
OnoRogers-Ramanujan Identities and Umbral Moonshinepdfmp4
PerssonFricke S-Duality and BPS-State Countingpdfmp4
TuiteVertex Operator Algebrasmp4
VolpatoMonstrous Heterosispdfmp4
Westerholt-RaumTensor products of vector valued modular formsmp4
WilsonUmbral Groupspdfmp4
ZagierRecognizing and Constructing Mock Modular Formsmp4
ZwegersMock Modular Forms