London Mathematical Society -- EPSRC Durham Symposium
Pseudoholomorphic Curves and Gauge Theory in Low-dimensional Topology
2019-08-18 to 2019-08-24

Slides and Movies of Talks

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Speaker Title PDF MP4 Extras
AbouzaidAn application of Floer homotopymp4
AcetoRational cobordisms and integral homologymp4
BarbensiDouble branched cover of knotoids and applications to proteinsmp4
CeloriaThe rational Berge problemmp4
DowlinRelationships between Khovanov and knot Floer homologymp4
EvansA Lagrangian torus fibration for the negative vertexmp4
GhigginiKnot Floer homology from a dynamical viewpointmp4
HockenhullKoszul duality and Knot Floer homologymp4
JuhaszKnot cobordisms, bridge index, and torsion in knot Floer homologymp4
Lambert-ColeBasic classes for trisected 4-manifoldsmp4
LinIndefinite Stein fillings and Pin(2)-monopole Floer homologymp4
McCoyCharacterizing slopes for hyperbolic and torus knotsmp4
MillerThe topological 4-genus of satellite knotsmp4
MillerDehn surgery on links and the Thurston normmp4
MrowkaBar Natan in the wildmp4
MurphyArboreal singularities from the Legendrian perspectivemp4
PiccirilloExotic Mazur manifolds and property Rmp4
Pinzon CaicedoInstanton and Heegaard Floer homologies of surgeries on torus knotsmp4
PlamenevskayaLinks of singularities: symplectic vs algebraic fillingsmp4
RasmussenAn SL_2(R) Lin invariantmp4
RayYet another proof that Alexander polynomial one knots are topologically slicemp4
SivekInstantons and L-space surgeriesmp4
SmithSymplectic annular Khovanov homologymp4
StipsiczConcordance invariants from covering involutionsmp4
StrleDisoriented homology of surfaces and branched coversmp4
Van Horn-MorrisSpectral order of contact 3-manifoldsmp4
VertesiAdditivity of support norm under connected summp4
WaiteBordered Knot Floer Homology and Three Strand Pretzel Knotsmp4