Natural Sciences

MSci in Natural Sciences (Computer Science and Physics)

The student starts following the BSc Joint-Honours Computer Science and Physics programme (could have replaced Single Maths A and B by an Linear Algebra and Ccalulus & Probability which requires at least an AS-level in Further Maths to give some flexibility in continuing study with Mathematics beyond Year 1.) In Year 2, they major in Physics (taking in a Languages module) and completes the MSci with an all final-year in Physics
Year 1
Single Mathematics A (MATH1561)
Single Mathematics B (MATH1571)
Introduction to Programming (COMP1011)
Formal Aspects of Computer Science (COMP1021)
Foundations of Physics 1 (PHYS1122)
Year 2
Software Applications (COMP2071)
Discovery Skills in Physics (PHYS1101)
Spanish in its context (MLAN1051)
Foundations of Physics 2A (PHYS2581)
Mathematical Methods in Physics (PHYS2611)
Stars and Galaxies (PHYS2621)
Year 3
Advanced Software Applications and Methods (COMP3331)
Systems Thinking (COMP2111)
Laboratory Skills and Electronics (PHYS2641)
Foundations of Physics 3A (PHYS3621)
Planets and Cosmology 3 (PHYS3651)
Foundations of Physics 3C (PHYS3671)
Year 4
Atoms, Lasers and Qubits (PHYS4121)
Advanced Astrophysics (PHYS4161)
Theoretical Astrophysics (PHYS4201)
ProjectG (PHYS4213)

General disclaimer:
  • Some of the modules above may have changed their names and codes since this students took this module combination. However, the combination flavour of the modules is still possible.
  • The timetable changes each year and we only guarantee that the Joint-Honours routes have one set modules that work. However, certain module combinations in Year 1 of three subjects can work - these modules are shown at the bottom of each Joint-Honours page.
  • In some examples the student might not meet the prerequisite for a module (in which case a concession would have been given based on the student doing extra work or meeting the prequisite from another module) or the student might not meet the programme regulations in which case a concession might have been given.

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