Natural Sciences

Examples of programmes of study within the Natural Sciences programme

The links below give real examples of the choice, depth and flexibility that the Natural Sciences programme has. There are three core sets of routes shown but we cannot over stress that many others are possible, but to include these would make the webpages too long. The examples include:

Primarily the examples above aim to demonstrate:
  •   Starting a new subject in Year 2;
  •   Taking three subjects throughout the degree or specialising after Year 1;
  •   Following a Joint-Honours paths.
  •   Transferring from a Single Honours programme at Durham;
  •   An all final-year in one subject on an MSci programme;


  • You can never take more than 4 modules in one subject unless you are following the BSc in Year 3 or the MSci. in Year 4. If you wish to take more than 4 modules in one subject, then you should look to transfer to an appropriate single honours programme to make sure you fulfil the criteria for a transfer.
  • After Year 1, you must take at least 40 credits (or two single modules) in total in two separate subjects (MLAN modules are excluded).
  • In Year 3, BSc students are required to take no less than 20 credits and no more than 60 of Capstone Modules.
  • The timetable changes each year.

Typical A-level offer for a prospective student: For student wishing to take the Natural Sciences degree the entry requirements are A*AA with specific subjects requirement depending on your preferred subjects. See elsewhere for the equivalencies in other qualifications.

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