Durham Symposium 2024

Large-scale behaviour of critical and near critical statistical physics models

27-30 August 2024

The symposium will focus on the large-scale behaviour of critical and near-critical statistical physics models. Over the past two decades, significant breakthroughs have been made in understanding critical phenomena in such models. However, there is limited comprehension regarding near-critical phenomena, which lack the conformal invariances properties that characterise their critical counterparts. The symposium will explore this topic by focusing on recent developments in both critical and near-critical phenomena.

The event will take place over four days and will include ten full-length lectures given by prominent scholars in the field. Additionally, six early career academics will be selected to give short talks.

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory. Early career researchers selected to give talks will also have their expenses covered. For registration and submission of early career talks, please fill this form.

Deadline for submissions and registrations is 31/05/2024

Event’s history

Mathematics symposia have been held in Durham every year since 1974, and have since become an established and recognised series of international research meetings, with over 100 symposia to date. They provide an excellent opportunity to explore an area of research in depth, to learn of new developments, and to instigate links between different branches. The format is designed to allow substantial time for interaction and research. The week-long meetings are held in July or August, with about 50 participants, roughly half of whom will come from the UK. Lectures and seminars take place in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University.

Organizing Committee


This event is supported by Durham University, the EPSRC, and the London Mathematical Society.