Brush up your skills

The "BUYS" program is designed to ease your transition into maths at Durham. If you are a single honours students you will already have been sent a workbook. We ask you to look at this book, attempt the questions and make sure you are happy with what we expect you to know. Those non single honours students doing core A are invited to look at the book (the link is below) when they have registered. In the first week of term we conduct an hour long test (it does not form part of the syllabus and is for your benefit).

If you have difficulty with the test or with the workbook we advise you to attend problem classes held every week (Friday's at 4.15). The workbook will be updated for next year (2005/6) but will probably remain invariant thereafter. Other links will appear here in time. [Note there are typos in questions 18(vi) and 23(vi). These will be corrected asap.] We stress that the tests and sessions should be thought of as an extra-curriculum facility for yourselves and are not intended for us to gather information about you or for us to judge your performance.

The Work Book in postscript format
The Work Book in pdf format

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