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London Mathematical Society - Short Course
Topology in Low Dimensions
Monday 26 August - Friday 30 August 2013

This short course will take place over five days and will consist of three lecture series of five hours each supplemented by problems classes. Lectures and seminars will take place in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Durham. The closing date for registration is 15th July 2013. This course is made possible by funding from the London Mathematical Society and EPSRC.
Matt Hedden (Heegaard-Floer)
Jacob Rasmussen (Khovanov homology and its offspring)
Chris Wendl (Contact 3-manifolds and holomorphic curves)
Liam Watson (Guest lecture).

Low-dimensional topology has seen a proliferation of new invariants and techniques over the last decade or so which are intimately interrelated. The invariants include Khovanov homology, Floer homologies, and various gauge theories.
In this Short Course we aim to present a broad selection of these ideas, covering the construction, the properties, and what can be done with them. Matthew Hedden (Michigan State) will present a course on Heegaard-Floer homology. Jacob Rasmussen (Cambridge) will speak about Khovanov homology and `categorification' more widely. Finally, Chris Wendl (UCL) will speak about applications of J-holomorphic curves in low dimensions.

All research students registered at a UK university will be charged a registration fee of £100 but will not be charged accommodation costs. UK-based postdocs will be charged a registration fee of £250 plus half of the subsistence costs (£375 in total). All others will be charged a registration fee of £250 plus the full subsistence costs (£500 in total).

Travel Information

Useful information about travelling to Durham can be found on the Department of Mathematics webpages and on the University of Durham's pages.


Accommodation will be arranged for participants in colleges near to the venue.

If you have any questions please contact the organizer Andrew Lobb.