Software requirements

It is strongly recommended that you use RStudio for this course, with R version \(>=\) 3.2.3 installed.

For the use of R Notebooks we will need the packagesrmarkdown and knitr. In principle, RStudio should automatically install these when required, but it may be a good idea to do this prior the start of the course, in RStudio, via install.packages("rmarkdown", "knitr"). Later in this course we will also require R packages OpenImageR, arrayhelpers, LPCM, pracma, and GMCM.

Other editors than RStudio (Tinn-R, emacs, etc) can be used if you prefer and if you know how to use them, but they will not supported in the course.


The full material for this course includes


Please create somewhere on your computer an empty directory with title CM19Tutorial. This will be our working directory.

Download the file TutorialCM19.Rmd (use the right mouse button), and place it in the directory that you have just created. Then open it in RStudio, by double-clicking on that file. If you had already opened this file without having created the directory, please close it again, create the directory, place this file in there, and open the file as described.

We will use this .Rmd file to work through the tasks and examples in this tutorial.

Thanks for your participation!

Any questions, contact