Science Outreach

science center

Media Interest

  1. NASA high performance computing service's science highlight of my simulation work on coupled CMEs (Wyper et al. 2021): web story, tweet.
  2. AAS NOVA featured eclipse image from our 2021 paper on pseudostreamer formation (Scott et al. 2021): link.
  3. NASA web story and an online article on the discovery and analysis of "plumelets" (Uritsky et al. ApJ, 2021) as a result of a NASA HSR grant to study the link between Jets and Plumes: web story,
  4. AAS NOVA science highlight for my 2018 jet paper (Wyper et al. 2018): link.
  5. Articles related to my Nature paper (Wyper et al. 2017) on solar eruptions:, Science Daily,, IBTimes, NASA web story.

Public Science

  1. Public Talk: The Sun's Active Atmosphere, Bishop Auckland Astronomical Society, 6th Oct. 2023
  2. Public Talk: Applied Mathematics in Astrophysics: A celebration of International Mathematics Day, Cafe Scientifique, 14th March 2023
  3. Public Talk: The Sun's Active Atmosphere, Durham Astronomical Society, 24th May 2019
  4. Public Talk: The Sun's Active Atmosphere, Sunderland Astronomical Society, 18th Mar. 2018
  5. Helping at the CCMC stand during Explore@goddard, Sept. 26th 2015
  6. Dundee Univesity science day, Nov. 9th 2013
  7. Meet the expert day at the Dundee Science Center, July 29th 2013 (picture: Dr David MacTaggart and I lighting fluorescent tubes with a plasma ball on the day).


  1. Conversations with Goddard, Sept. 20th 2016, discussing what it's like to work at NASA and how I ended up there for a while.