Herbert Gangl

Department of Mathematical Sciences
South Road
Durham, DH1 3LE
United Kingdom

Office: CM108

Phone: +44 191 334 3096

Email: herbert.gangl (Please add "".)

Teaching Information

  • Michaelmas term 2010: an undergraduate colloquium in 2010 on finite polylogarithms
  • Epiphany term 2014: Algebra II
  • Epiphany term 2014: Modular Forms (MAGIC course)
  • Easter term 2014: A mini-workshop on 3D printing
  • Summer Projects 2014, based on an undergraduate colloquium in 2013 on hyperbolic tessellations:
    3D models for hyperbolic tessellation (Josh Inoue)
    an app game to train your 3D visualization Polyshadow (App Store link) (Josh Yaxley)

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  • Research Information

    My work is concentrated around polylogarithms and variants thereof, in connection with algebraic K-theory, algebraic number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry. The questions that I am interested in lead to a variety of rather disparate topics, comprising for instance the homology of the general linear group, configuration and moduli spaces, combinatorial Hopf algebras, multiple zeta values or (quasi-)modular forms and in recent years particle physics. A good chunk of my research has a computer-experimental flavour, using mostly the GP/PARI scripting language to try to detect patterns in piles of data, to find hitherto unknown objects or to formulate conjectures.

    Selected Publications and Preprints


  • "Functional equations and ladders for polylogarithms" (to appear in Communications in Number Theory and Physics).

  • "On the cohomology of linear groups over imaginary quadratic fields" (with M. Dutour Sikiri\v c, P. Gunnells, J. Hanke, A. Schuermann, D. Yasaki).

  • On the Broadhurst-Kreimer generating series for multiple zeta values (with S. Carr, L. Schneps).

    Recent Publications

  • "Perfect forms, K-theory and the cohomology of modular groups" (with Ph. Elbaz-Vincent and C. Soulé), Adv. in Math. 245 (2013), 587-624.

  • "Tame kernels and second regulators of number fields and their subfields" (with J. Browkin), Journal of K-Theory 12 (2013), 137-165.

  • "From polygons and symbols to polylogarithmic functions" (with C. Duhr and J. Rhodes), JHEP 10 (2012), 075.

  • "On special elements in higher algebraic K-theory and the Lichtenbaum-Gross Conjecture" (with D. Burns and R. de Jeu), Adv. in Math. 23 (2012), 1502-1529.

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  • Arithmetic Study Group

    Upcoming Activities

    Second conference on Geometric Science of Information, October 28-30 2015.

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