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London Mathematical Society - EPSRC Durham Symposium
Interactions of birational geometry with other fields
Monday 2 July - Saturday 7 July 2012

The LMS Durham Research Symposia began in 1974, and form an established series of international research meetings, with over 90 symposia to date. They provide an excellent opportunity to explore an area of research in depth, to learn of new developments, and to instigate links between different branches. The format is designed to allow substantial time for interaction and research. The meetings are held in July and August, usually lasting for 10 days, with up to 70 participants, roughly half of whom will come from the UK. Lectures and seminars take place in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Durham
Photo of participants
Participants include:
Victor Abrashkin(Durham)
Klaus Altmann(Berlin)
Florin Ambro(IMAR)
Ekaterina Amerik(Orsay and HSE (Moscow))
Caucher Birkar(Cambridge)
Alexey Bondal(Steklov)
Gavin Brown(Loughborough)
Tim Browning(Bristol)
Nero Budur(Notre Dame)
Frederic Campana(Nancy)
Paolo Cascini(Imperial)
Ivan Cheltsov(Edinburgh)
Yifei Chen(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Chen-Yu Chi(Harvard)
Sung Rak Choi(Postech, Korea)
Jean-Pierre Demailly(Grenoble)
Gabriele Di Cerbo(Princeton)
Igor Dolgachev(Michigan)
Simon Donaldson(Imperial)
Thomas Ducat(Warwick)
Andrea Fanelli(Imperial)
Ivan Fesenko(Nottingham)
Enrica Floris(Strasbourg)
Osamu Fujino(Kyoto)
Vasily Golyshev(Moscow)
Yoshinori Gongyo(Tokyo)
Vladimir Guletskii(Liverpool)
Zhengyu Hu(CMS,Zhejiang University)
Atsushi Ito(Tokyo)
Seung-Jo Jung(Warwick)
Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros(Imperial College London)
Ilya Karzhemanov(New York)
Alexander Kasprzyk(Imperial)
Ludmil Katzarkov(Wien)
Masayuki Kawakita(Kyoto)
Yujiro Kawamata(Tokyo)
Kuzma Khrabrov(Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Dano Kim(Seoul National University)
Inkyun Kim(Postech, Korea)
Stéphane Lamy(Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse)
Yongnam Lee(Sogang)
Timothy Logvinenko(Warwick)
Steven Lu(UQAM)
Jesus Martinez-Garcia(Edinburgh)
James McKernan(MIT)
Atsushi Moriwaki(Kyoto University)
Viacheslav Nikulin(Liverpool)
Yuji Odaka(Kyoto)
Shinnosuke Okawa(Tokyo)
Thomas Oliver(Nottingham)
John Ottem(Cambridge)
Dmitri Panov(Kings College)
Mihai Paun(Nancy)
Yuri Prokhorov(Moscow State)
Victor Przyjalkowski(Steklov Mathematical Institute)
Alexander Pukhlikov(Liverpool)
Miles Reid(Warwick)
Geoffrey Robinson(University of Aberdeen)
Dmitrijs Sakovics(Edinburgh)
Taro Sano(Warwick)
Michael Selig(Warwick)
Nick Shepherd-Barron(Cambridge)
Konstantin Shramov(Steklov)
Cristiano Spotti(Imperial)
Kirsty Syder(University of Nottingham)
Joe Tait(Southampton University)
Behrouz Taji(McGill)
Damiano Testa(Warwick)
Pham Tiep(Arizona)
Burt Totaro(Cambridge)
Yuri Tschinkel(Courant)
Hajime Tsuji(Sophia)
Michael Wemyss(Edinburgh)
Pelham Wilson(Cambridge)
Joonyeong Won(KIAS, Korea)
Chenyang Xu(Utah)

The focus of the symposium is on the many interactions of birational geometry with allied fields. An emphasis will be placed on connections between birational geometry and moduli spaces, arithmetic geometry, differential geometry, derived categories, singularity theory and Hodge theory.

In order to seed future research there will be several survey lectures of a less technical nature:

  • Nero Budur: Birational geometry and singularities.
  • Osamu Fujino: Birational geometry and Hodge theory.
  • Yujiro Kawamata: Birational geometry and derived categories.
  • Mihai Paun: Birational geometry and analytic geometry.
  • Yuri Tschinkel: Birational geometry and arithmetic geometry.

Travel Information

Useful information about travelling to Durham can be found on the Department of Mathematics webpages and on the University of Durham's pages.


Accomodation for most participants will be in Holgate House, Grey College. This is conveniently located near to the lecture rooms in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Guest rooms offer en-suite and internet-connection facilities. Attendance is by invitation only and fees for self-supporting participants are payable by cash, credit card, sterling cheques or sterling travellers cheques at registration.

Organising Committee:
Caucher Birkar (Cambridge), Ivan Cheltsov (Edinburgh), Tim Browning (Bristol)
Scientific advisers:
Shigefumi Mori (RIMS), Miles Reid (Warwick), Yuri Tschinkel (Courant).