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London Mathematical Society - EPSRC Durham Symposium
Grand Biological Challenges for Mathematicians
Monday 9th July - Tuesday 17th July 2012

The LMS Durham Research Symposia began in 1974, and form an established series of international research meetings, with over 90 symposia to date. They provide an excellent opportunity to explore an area of research in depth, to learn of new developments, and to instigate links between different branches. The format is designed to allow substantial time for interaction and research. The meetings are held in July and August, usually lasting for 10 days, with up to 70 participants, roughly half of whom will come from the UK. Lectures and seminars take place on the top floor of the Calman Learning Centre (room CLC407) of the University of Durham
Photo of participants
Invited participants include:
Frank Ball,probabilist,Nottingham
Lucia Banci,chemist,Florence
Robijn Bruinsma,biophysicist,UCLA
Damian Brunner,biochemist,Zurich
Nigel Burroughs,mathematical physicist,Warwick
Jennifer Cavet,biochemist,Manchester
Mark Chaplain,applied mathematician,Dundee
Jack Cowan,neuroscientist and mathematician,Chicago
Christoph Fahrni,biochemist,Georgia Tech
Anja Geitmann,plant biologist,Montreal
David Giedroc,biochemist,Indiana
James Glazier,physicist,Biocomplexity Inst. Indiana
Manoj Gopalakrishnan,theoretical biophysicist,IITM
Seth Grant,molecular biologist,Edinburgh
Tim Hales,neuroscientist,Dundee
Tom O'Halloran,chemist,Chicago
Rhoda Hawkins,biophysicist,Sheffield
Alan Hawkes,statistician,Swansea
Conor Houghton,mathematical neuroscientist,Bristol
Jack Johnson,virologist,La Jolla
Charles Knobler,chemist,UCLA
Kristine Krug,neuroscientist,Oxford
Remigijus Lape,pharmacologist,UCL
Tannie Liverpool,soft condensed matter physicist,Bristol
Fred MacKintosh,theoretical biophysicist,Amsterdam
Eric May,biophysicist,Michigan
Cristian Micheletti,statistical mechanics,SISSA
Philip Nelson,physicist,Penn
Peter Olmsted,soft condensed matter physicist,Leeds
Kevin Painter,mathematician,Heriot-Watt
Andrew Parker,physiologist,Oxford
Michel Peyrard,theoretical biophysicist,ENS Lyon
Nadine Peyriéras,theoretical biologist,Gif sur Yvette
Tomaso Poggio,computer neuroscientist,MIT
Mark van Rossum,computational neuroscience,Edinburgh
Richard Sear,computational physicist,Surrey
Thomas Serre,computer neuroscientist,Brown
Hannah Smithson,neuroscientist,Oxford
Alasdair Steven,biologist,NIH
Peter Stockley,biochemist,Leeds


The goal of the symposium is to open and consolidate channels of communication between biologists at the forefront of their field, and mathematicians who are either already engaged in various modelling efforts or curious to learn about the challenges faced by biologists at a time when powerful technologies provide a plethora of data and images requiring urgent scientific interpretation.
This symposium will cover a wide range of modelling techniques, including computer science, statistics and biophysics as well, and we expect that the interactions with biologists will inspire the development of new mathematical techniques. We anticipate that it will contribute to bridging the culture gap between biologists and mathematicians/physicists unfamiliar with the handling of complex systems, and will attempt to develop a better sense of which mathematical models are either over-simplified to the point of being useless, or over-complex to the point of being intractable.

Read the complete symposium flyer and a tentative schedule (last update May 25th).

Travel Information

Useful information about travelling to Durham can be found on the Department of Mathematics webpages and on the University of Durham's pages.


Accomodation for most participants will be in Holgate House, Grey College. This is conveniently located near to the lecture rooms in the Calman Learning Centre. Guest rooms offer en-suite and internet-connection facilities. Attendance is by invitation only and fees for self-supporting participants are payable by cash, credit card, sterling cheques or sterling travellers cheques at registration.

Organising Committee:
Kasper Peeters (Durham), Anne Taormina (Durham), Reidun Twarock (York)
Scientific advisers:
Paul Chazot, Nigel Robinson, Roy Quinlan (BSI, Durham)