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  • “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ... Albert Einstein


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    Welcome for 1H students
    Induction and Skills 1H students
    Tutor talk
    Induction Lecturers
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    Induction Markers
    Lecturing Skills

    Susy breaking lectures
    Solitons III/IV
    Electromagnetism III
    Single Maths B in Epiphany (Obsolete)
    Cargese (2007) strings lecture notes
    Anomalies course - lecture notes
    Strings and D-branes graduate course

    Course outline and general reading material

    Previous years' exam questions (from 2002 on)
    Collected Exercises (to appear; the same exercises can be found in the ps file below in green)

    Other miscellaneous  material to do with postgraduate teaching
    •  a pedagogical introduction to supersymmetry and some phenomenology. Based on lectures in St-Andrews summer school, 2001
    •  an overview of some of the phenomenological requirements and successes of string theory plus brief summary of  some important concepts. Probably best read after understanding the notes above.
    • Extra dimensions A powerpoint presentation about curvature and extra dimensions.
    • Protect and Survive  some (admittedly rather cynical) advice on speaking in public
    • LTSN the learning and teaching support network. A teaching and learning site that may improve given time.

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