Herbert Gangl

My work is concentrated around polylogarithms and variants thereof, with connections to algebraic K-theory, algebraic number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry. The questions that I am interested in lead to a variety of rather disparate topics, comprising for instance the homology of the general linear group, configuration and moduli spaces, combinatorial Hopf algebras, multiple zeta values or (quasi-)modular forms. A good chunk of my research has a computer-experimental flavour, using mostly the GP/PARI scripting language to try to detect patterns in piles of data, to find hitherto unknown objects or to formulate conjectures. Furthermore, I also use the machine power available to develop algorithms for attacking harder calculational problems.

The people involved together run the arithmetic study group.

Preprints and publications

  • "From polygons and symbols to polylogarithmic functions" (with C. Duhr and J. Rhodes).

  • "Tame kernels and second regulators of number fields and their subfields" (with J. Browkin)

  • "On special elements in higher algebraic K-theory and the Lichtenbaum-Gross Conjecture" (with D. Burns and R. de Jeu).

  • "Functional equations and ladders for polylogarithms".

  • "Perfect forms, K-theory and the cohomology of modular groups" (with Ph. Elbaz-Vincent and C. Soulé), and an older version on the arXiv.

  • "Regulators via iterated integrals (numerical computations)", in Clay Mathematics Proceedings, 2010.

  • "Multiple polylogarithms, polygons, trees and algebraic cycles" (with Alexander B. Goncharov and Andrey Levin), Proc. Symp. Pure Math (2009).

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  • "Polylogarithmic identities in cubical higher Chow groups" (with Stefan Müller-Stach) Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, volume 67, pages, 25-40; AMS, Providence, 1999 ( table 1, with graphical proof of 5-term relation).

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  • "Werte von Dedekindschen Zetafunktionen, Dilogarithmuswerte und Pflasterungen des hyperbolischen Raumes" (Diploma thesis) Here is a short introduction to polygonal combinatorics for algebraic cycles.