London Mathematical Society -- EPSRC Durham Symposium
Homogenisation in Disordered Media
2018-08-19 to 2018-08-25

Slides and Movies of Talks

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Speaker Title PDF MP4 Extras
BakhtinErgodic theory of the stochastic Burgers equationpdfmp4
CapdeboscqOn Microstructures with sign changing Jacobianspdfmp4
CesaroniFattening phenomena for nonlocal curvature flowsmp4
DarioHomogenization on percolation clusterpdfmp4
DaviniStochastic homogenization of viscous and non-viscous HJ equations with non-convex Hamiltonianspdfmp4
Dragoni Stochastic Homogenisation in Carnot groupspdfmp4
FehrmanA Liouville theorem for stationary and ergodic ensembles of parabolic systemspdfmp4
FeldmanShapes of local minimizers for a model capillary energy in periodic mediapdfmp4
HairerRandom directed mean curvature flowmp4
KimLarge time behavior for mean curvature flow with periodic forcingpdfmp4
Le BrisElliptic homogenization with defectspdf
LiStochastic Averagingpdfmp4
LinStochastic Homogenization for Reaction-Diffusion Equationspdfmp4
MollaMultiscale Modelling of Li-batteriespdfmp4
NeukammQuantitative homogenization in nonlinear elasticitypdfmp4
NovagaOptimal configurations for the Heitmann-Radin energypdfmp4
OrtgieseBranching random walks in random environmentpdfmp4
OttoMultipole expansion in random mediapdfmp4
PavliotisLong time behaviour and phase transitions for the McKean-Vlasov equationmp4
PrangeBoundary layers in periodic homogenization: some recent developmentsmp4
PtashnykCoupling between mechanics and chemistry: Multiscale modelling and analysispdf
RaithelA Large-Scale Regularity Theory for Random Elliptic Operators on the Half-Spacepdfmp4
RoquejoffreFront propagation in the presence of a line with large diffusion: a property of the level sets.pdfmp4
SeegerScaling limits and homogenization for some stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi equationspdfmp4
Smart A free boundary problem with facetspdf
SmyshlyaevTwo-scale homogenisation of micro-resonant PDEs (periodic and some stochastic)pdfmp4
TheilAre atomistic equilibrium distributions ordered?pdfmp4
TranMin-max formulas for nonconvex effective Hamiltonians and application to stochastic homogenizationpdfmp4
YuOptimal rate of convergence in periodic homogenization of Hamilton-Jacobi equationspdfmp4
Zeitouni Homogenization for the multiplicative stochastic heat equation in dimension \(d\geq 3\)pdfmp4