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  • “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ... Albert Einstein


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    Maths Department
    Staff webpages
    Pre Application talk
    Programming info for 1H students
    Welcome for 1H students ... and in pdf format
    Induction and Skills 1H students ... and in pdf format
    Tutor talk
    Induction Lecturers
    Induction tutors
    Induction Markers
    Lecturing Skills
    Post Exam Activities

    Susy breaking lectures
    Solitons III/IV
    Electromagnetism III
    Single Maths B in Epiphany (Obsolete)
    Cargese (2007) strings lecture notes
    Anomalies course - lecture notes
    Strings and D-branes graduate course

    Course outline and general reading material

    Previous years' exam questions (from 2002 on)
    Collected Exercises (to appear; the same exercises can be found in the ps file below in green)

    Other miscellaneous  material to do with postgraduate teaching
    •  a pedagogical introduction to supersymmetry and some phenomenology. Based on lectures in St-Andrews summer school, 2001
    •  an overview of some of the phenomenological requirements and successes of string theory plus brief summary of  some important concepts. Probably best read after understanding the notes above.
    • Extra dimensions A powerpoint presentation about curvature and extra dimensions.
    • Protect and Survive  some (admittedly rather cynical) advice on speaking in public
    • LTSN the learning and teaching support network. A teaching and learning site that may improve given time.

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